LosslessBob Bootleg CD - The Genuine Bootleg Series Take 2
LosslessBob Bootleg CD
The Genuine Bootleg Series Take 2

DateLabel DescriptionLocationCDLB
01/01/61Scorpio Various - Collection3LB-6622


Additional DescriptionQualityReferencesT#


11The Two Sisters5/1/602
12A Long Time A-Growing5/1/616
13Corrina, Corrina7/9/6225
14That's All Right Mama11/14/6225
15Hero Blues12/6/6225
16Long Time Gone3/1/6336
17Lay Down Your Weary Tune10/26/6351
18Guess I'm Doin' Fine1/1/6436
19Mr. Tambourine Man6/9/6461
110Mr. Tambourine Man7/26/6463
111It's All Over Now, Baby Blue1/13/6570
112Why Should You Have To Be So Frantic1/23/6694
113I Wanna Be Your Lover10/20/6587
114Visions Of Johanna11/30/6590
115On A Rainy Afternoon5/19/66124
116Like A Rolling Stone5/26/66121
21I'm Not There (1956)1/1/67127
22A Long Time A-Growing1/1/67127
23Along The Royal Canal (The Old Triangle)1/1/67127
24Silent Weekend1/1/67127
25Wild Mountain Thyme8/31/69139
26Tomorrow Is A Long Time6/4/70137
27Spanish Is The Loving Tongue6/2/70137
28George Jackson11/4/71153
29Goodbye Holly1/20/73161
210House Of The Risin' Sun11/2/73165
211Nobody 'Cept You11/2/73165
212Tangled Up In Blue9/19/74169
213Abandoned Love7/3/75175
214People Get Ready10/28/75180
215The Water Is Wide3/30/76182
216Repossession Blues2/1/78199
217If You See Her, Say Hello1/30/78198
218Stop Now5/2/78207
219Coming From The Heart (The Road Is Long)5/2/78206
31Ain't Gonna Go To Hell4/20/80 
32Cover Down/Break Through4/19/80 
33The Groom's Still Waiting At The Altar11/15/80 
35Heart Of Mine4/1/81244
37We Three (My Echo,My Shadow And Me)3/1/84268
38Almost Done5/27/84272
39Almost Done5/27/84272
310Freedom For The Stallion11/1/84283
311Something's Burning Baby11/1/84284
312To Fall In Love (With You)8/27/86333
313Got Love If You Want It4/1/87345
314(Go Ahead Baby Go Ahead) Don't Keep Me Waiting Too Long5/1/87343
315Everything Is Broken3/1/89362
316Born In Time3/1/89362
317Most of The Time3/2/90380
318Series Of Dreams9/8/93