LosslessBob LB-13673
8/13/18Melbourne, Australia   

edirol, CONTRAST CLAUSE:, This is the 16 bit copy of th e24 bit recording posted earler today, Torrent #628800 Bob Dylan 2018-08-13 Melbourne 24 bit 96k recording, Recorded on a edirol using internal mics, Originally as a 24 bit 96k recording. This is the 16 bit version as promised., Note: This is NOT the recording going round on Youtube. This is a direct transfer the original files and recording generously donated by, TNTOIOIOI who sent it to me as he was unable to edit the 24bit wav file. Its a pretty good recording so enjoy. More may be following. Hopefully (Spot is still over there), 24 bit wav file edited and converted to 16 bit flac with Magix Audio Lab Premium, Enjoy, The Caretaker

bittorrent download 08/18; did not review this
01 Intro.flac, 02 Things Have Changed.flac, 03 It Ain't Me, Babe.flac, 04 Highway 61 Revisited.flac, 05 Simple Twist Of Fate.flac, 06 Duquesne Whistle.flac, 07 When I Paint My Masterpiece.flac, 08 Honest With Me.flac, 09 Tryin' To Get To Heaven.flac, 10 Make You Feel My Love.flac, 11 Pay In Blood.flac, 12 Tangled Up In Blue.flac, 13 Early Roman Kings.flac, 14 Desolation Row.flac, 15 Love Sick.flac, 16 Don't Think Twice, It's All Right.flac, 17 Thunder On The Mountain.flac, 18 Soon After Midnight.flac, 19 Gotta Serve Somebody.flac, 19 Blowin' In The Wind.flac, 20 Ballad Of A Thin Man.flac
Year 2018
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