LosslessBob LB-13571

tp, TomPaine56 Recording, 16-44 Version (incomplete), Recorded on SONY PCM-M10, SONY: Built-In Microphones, SETTINGS:, ---------, Cross-Memory Recording: On, LIMITER: On, Recording Mode: LPCM 96.00kHz/24bit, Low Cut Filter: On, Recording Level: Manual, Recording Volume: 3.5-4.0, Mic Sensitivity: Low, join original wav files using shntool, cmd line: shntool join -n *.wav [enter], split joined.wav file using CD Wave Editor, save cue sheet or load cue sheet if already, created., save files "use alternate 24-bit format", final steps (for documentary purposes):, a) convert to flac using TLH: format flac/level 8/keep foreign meta data, b) copy this info.txt file into show folder, c) create .ffp file using TLH, d) create .md5 file using TLH, convert to flac 24-48 & 16-44 using foobar2000, load files -> right-click -> select "convert", select "...", check Output, Destination & Processing, under "Processing" select "Resampler (dBpoweramp/SSRC)", here the bit format can be adjusted to ones personal, needs., use Mp3tag to tag flac files., Note: the recording as such is complete, but since security detected the LEDs flashing on my device & i attempted to switch it, ----- off, i must've touched the volume wheel accidentally & as a result the sound of the remains of the show is unrepairably, distorted. the whole issue upset me so much that i could not work on this recording until now. it has recently been, distributed among a small circle of friends & probably without some of the tracks as they are more personal, yet here, complete, the way i wanted them, for the first time. quite a bit of effort goes into these final stages, that i forget, sometimes "how did i process those files again?"

bittorrent download 07/18;did not review this
00A Gong I.flac, 00B German Announcement.flac, 00C English Announcement.flac, 00D Gong II.flac, 01 Intro.flac, 02 Things Have Changed.flac, 03 Don't Think Twice, It's All Right.flac, 04 Highway 61 Revisited.flac, 05 Simple Twist Of Fate.flac, 06 Duquesne Whistle.flac, 07 Melancholy Mood.flac, 08 Honest With Me.flac, 09 Tryin' To Get To Heaven.flac, 10 Come Rain Or Come Shine.flac, 11 Pay In Blood.flac, 12 Tangled Up In Blue.flac, 13 Early Roman Kings.flac, 14 The Fateful Moment.flac
Year 2018
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