LosslessBob LB-13557
6/27/17Kingston, Ontario, Canada   

jgb, jgb sent me this recording and wrote:, "I have another show that has not appeared as far as I know., I managed to go to the Kingston Ontario, Ottawa Ontario and Montreal Quebec shows last summer., I was able to use my Tascam Dr-05 with its internal mics to record the Kingston show fairly successfully, but Ottawa and Montreal security made getting a recorder in damn near impossible., so I used my phone to try and record Montreal., I did manage a recording, but it is mono, lossy and I believe extremely rough at best., The show was in a hockey arena recorded from the left hand corner of the arena facing the stage, about 3 rows up from ice level., It is a real shame that it is the Kingston show I was able to use the tascam for as both the Ottawa, and Kingston shows suffered from audience ambivalence., The audience did not know what they were there for and as both shows went along their enthusiasm, drained and you could tell it had an effect on Bob., Without an audience that knew what they were there for the life was sucked out of the shows and, though Bob was as good as ever they failed to take him to that edge where he PERFORMS., I'm not a "pro" taper. I have a machine and turn it on, I get what I get., I had probably used the Tascam in a smaller venue where it is easy to saturate the recordings, and had reduced the volume, forgetting to increase it in Kingston.", taper: jgb, Lineage:, Kingston Tascam dr-05 --> internal mics --> sd card as a wav file, June 14, 2018, what I did...., I amplified the set, using Cool Edit Pro 1.2, increasing the sound by 10 db and added a little more voice., removed some distortions, possibly introduced by the amplification and split the set in separate tracks., Fixed Simple Binary Encoding (SBE), using "Trader's Little Helper" and converted wav to flac, using "FLAC frontend"., Enjoy!, 10haaf, June 25, 2018

bittorrent download 06/18; did not review this
01 - Things Have Changed, 02 - Don't Think Twice, It's All Right, 03 - Highway 61 Revisited, 04 - Why Try To Change Me Now, 05 - Summer Days, 06 - Make You Feel My Love, 07 - Duquesne Whistle, 08 - Melancholy Mood, 09 - Stormy Weather, 10 - Pay In Blood, 11 - Once Upon A Time, 12 - Tangled Up In Blue, 13 - Early Roman Kings, 14 - Desolation Row, 15 - Soon After Midnight, 16 - That Old Black Magic, 17 - Long And Wasted Years, 18 - Autumn Leaves, (encore), 19 - Blowin' In The Wind, 20 - Ballad Of A Thin Man
Year 2017
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