LosslessBob LB-13379
3/31/18Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain   

inc pelle 2496, lineage: Olympus LS-24 -> WAV (24 bits/96 kHz) -> Adobe Audition (track splitting) -> Foobar (Flac level 8) -> torrent, Taper: Pelle, First 15 minutes gone wrong, as the settings were not set correct, so I changed them after first 3 songs. Security warned expulsion from the hall if people taking videos, pictures of recording were catched, it took a while to get aware of the too hot levels and the adjustment was made in a hurry under tight surveillance. But at least what was left of the show comes out pretty well. Hope some more recoring will show up, so that the entire concert will be preserved for posterity... Enjoy and share, Pelle, 3rd of april, 2018

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tracks:, - Things Have Changed (Bob on piano) MISSING, - Don't Think Twice, It's All Right (Bob on piano) MISSING, - Highway 61 Revisited (Bob on piano) MISSING, 1. Simple Twist Of Fate (Bob on piano) SLIGHTLY CUTS IN, 2. Duquesne Whistle (Bob on piano), 3. Melancholy Mood (Bob center stage), 4. High Water (Bob on piano), 5. Tryin To Get To Heaven, 6. Once Upon A Time (Bob center stage), 7. Pay In Blood (Bob on piano), 8. Tangled Up In Blue (Bob on piano), 9. Soon After Midnight (Bob on piano), 10. Early Roman Kings (Bob on piano), 11. Desolation Row (Bob on piano), 12. Long and Wasted Years (Bob center stage then on piano), 13. Thunder On The Mountain (Bob on piano), 14. Autumn Leaves (Bob center stage), 15. Love Sick (Bob on piano), 16. audience clap, (encore), 17. Blowin In The Wind (Bob on piano), 18. Ballad Of A Thin Man (Bob on piano)
Year 2018
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