LosslessBob LB-13274
11/6/90DeKalb, IL A- 

cb dolphinsmile 48, taped by CB who sent me a dat a few years later.Taped with D6 and Senn2002>put on, dat by CB and snail mailed to me>file cloned in microtrack>Goldwave tracking>TLH8, Producer Dolphinsmile, for the Dolphinsmile Archive

bittorrent download 02/18; this is same recording as LB-8240 based on same clapping wavs at end of d1t1 with similar wav and spectral view except this is at 48k with higher levels so clips a little and has more digital flaws; this has more crowd at beginning and end of show; (did not listen to all of this)
digistatic t18 1:07
1. My Head's In Mississippi (Billy Gibbons/Dusty Hill/Frank Beard), 2. Seeing The Real You At Last, 3. I Believe In You, 4. Watching The River Flow, 5. Positively 4th Street, 6. Gotta Serve Somebody, 7. She Belongs To Me, 8. Mr. Tambourine Man, 9. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue, 10. Visions Of Johanna, 11. Under The Red Sky, 12. T.V. Talkin' Song, 13. I'll Remember You, 14. Wiggle Wiggle, 15. I Shall Be Released, 16. Like A Rolling Stone, 17. The Times They Are A-Changin', 18. All Along The Watchtower
Year 1990
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