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xx/xx/791979: All the BobTalk2  

all the bobtalk, Sourced from various LB entries, Length: 1 hour, 20 minutes, 48 seconds, 109 tracks, I've collected all the circulating BobTalk from the entire 1979 tour. I wanted to experience the BobTalk all in one place. I haven't attempted to include all the audience reactions, except for those cases where Bob was already speaking or where Bob directly reacted to the audience., I relied on 3 sources to help me pinpoint each track:, The Gospel Project, http://www.angelfire.com/rant/gospelproject/, A Lily Among Thorns (a now defunct website), http://www.alilyamongthorns.8m.com/frraps.html, Olof's Files, http://www.bjorner.com/79-1.htm#A05Gospel, I have cited the LB source used for each track in the filename. In those cases where the LB source was SHN, the SHN was converted to FLAC using TLH., I've included two versions of the BobTalk transcriptions. I recommend Attachment 1 as the written version of each track. Attachment 2 only includes what have been defined as "raps." Some of the transcripts were made using inferior recordings to the ones presented here and so may not be entirely accurate., kuddukan

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