LosslessBob LB-13187
10/30/99Milwaukee, WI A 

bk4022 dolphinsmile 48k, DAUD/FOB B&K 4022 (ORTF) > Beyer MV-100 >Sony SBM-1 > Sony TCD-D8>clone snail mailed to me back in the days>file cloned in microtrack using a tascam dat deck>Goldwave tracking>TLH8 flac, Producer: Dolphinsmile, for the benefit of the Dolphinsmile Archive

bittorrent download 01/18; nothing above 22k as if from a 44k source; this is same recording as LB-9972 based on same clapping wavs at end of t1 with similar wav and spectral view except levels are higher on this and that ones levels are more limited and to -3db; they sound similar; this has fewer digital flaws; (did not listen to all of this)

serge's notes:"this has fewer digital flaws;, t01 digispike at 0:00, drop/cut at end;, t03 drop/cut at end "Thank you, lad[ies and gentlemen, got it all right.]" about 26 seconds missing. This is complete on LB-9972;, t05 drop/cut at end, about 30 seconds audience missing. This is complete on LB-9972;, t06 drop/cut at end;, t07 drop/cut at end. This is complete on LB-9972;, t08 drop/cut at end;, t09 drop/cut at end;, t10 fadeout and drop/cut at end;, t11 digispike at 0:00, fadein, drop/cut at end;, t12 drop/cut at end, song cut short, about 12 seconds missing at end. This is complete on LB-9972;, t13 drop/cut at end. This is complete on LB-9972

drop/cut end of t10
I Am The Man Thomas, The Times They Are A-Changin', It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding), Mama You Been On My Mind, Tangled Up In Blue, Set II, All Along The Watchtower, Every Grain Of Sand, Silvio, Not Dark Yet, Highway 61 Revisited, Set III, E: Love Sick, Like A Rolling Stone, Blowin' In The Wind, Not Fade Away
Year 1999
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