LosslessBob LB-13040
1/16/98New York, NY A- 

pc dolphinsmile 48k, Taped by PC with Dat recorder and AKG C1000>clone sent to me via snail mail back, in the day>Tascam dat deck used to clone file, in Microtrack>Goldwave tracking>TLH8, taper swithced to 44 by mistake on one track, this was fixed in Goldwave., Dolphinsmile Producer, Resampling Mastering Dolphinsmile, for the exclusive benefit of the Dolphinsmile, Archive, have the Van set, maybe I will up it somwhere later

bittorrent download 11/17; in 4-way comparison these are different recordings based on different crowd at end of t5; on t6 this sounded slow so adjusted the sample rate from 44k to 48k and sounded correct speed; bootleg LB-6946 has fullest harshest sound, bach LB-6518 is next fullest, then this, and then LB-11123; (did not listen to all of this)
first 10 tracks at 44k and rest at 48k; some tracks are at 44k when should be at 48k
Absolutely Sweet Marie, Not Dark Yet, Cold Irons Bound, Simple Twist Of Fate, Silvio, One Too Many Mornings, John Brown, Tangled Up In Blue, Million Miles, Just Like A Woman, Highway 61 Revisited, E: Like A Rolling Stone
Year 1998
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