LosslessBob LB-13039
7/20/86Philadelphia, PA3B+76min+70min+39min

nak100 kingrue, New Source # 3, Source: Nakamichi CM-100 mics with CP-1 cardioid capsules > Sony WM-D6 (TDK-MA Metal) (recorded by "Tape Man Joe" vol. 28), Transfer: Kenwood KX-4070 cassette deck > TDK-DA3826 standalone cd burner (44.1 kHz) (transferred by George14k), Editing: Soundforge (tracking) > Wav > TLH (sector boundary aligned) Flac level 8, Traders Den 11/12/17 - Tracked by kingrue upload 1313, ......................................................................................................, There are 2 other known sources in circulation # LB-00382 and LB-05548., Thanks to Mathew at The Midnight Cafe for supplying the source of Dylan LB-00382, Used as a patch filler during "Band of the Hand" and "In The Garden". This new source 3 is now 100% complete., Thanks to Tape Man Joe for taping and George14k for doing the transfer., I did the tracking and patch work., Check samples for quality.

bittorrent download 11/17; cdr split not specified; this is different recording than LB-0382 based on different crowd at end of t1; in comparison this has a fuller warmer sound; (did not listen to all of this)
Set list:, 01 Shake A Hand, 02 All Along The Watchtower, 03 Clean Cut Kid, 04 Emotionally Yours, 05 Shot Of Love, 06 We Had It All, 07 Masters Of War, 08 Straight Into Darkness (Petty), 09 Think About Me (Petty), -- tape flip -- seamless, 10 The Waiting (Petty), 11 Breakdown (Petty), 12 To Ramona, 13 One Too Many Mornings, 14 A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall, 15 I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know, 16 Band Of The Hand -- tape change, patched @ 4:02 - 4:16 --, 17 When The Night Comes Falling From The Sky, 18 Lonesome Town, 19 Ballad Of A Thin Man, 20 So You Want To Be A Rock n Roll Star (Petty), 21 Spike (Petty), 22 Don't Do Me Like That (Petty), 23 Refugee (Petty), 24 Rainy Day Women No. 12 & 35, -- tape flip -- seamless, 25 I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine, 26 Seeing The Real You At Last, 27 Across The Borderline, 28 I And I, 29 Like A Rolling Stone, 30 In The Garden -- tape change, patched @ 6:10 - 6:24 --, 31 Blowin' In The Wind, 32 Rock 'Em Dead, 33 Knockin' On Heaven's Door, Total Time = 03:04:18, ENJOY
Year 1986
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