LosslessBob LB-13010
5/1/94Columbia, MO A 

x sonic studio dolphinsmile 48k, taped by X with Sonic Studio mics and Denon recorder>clone snail mailed to me, back in 1994>Tascam deck used to clone file in Microtrack>Goldwave tracking>TLH8, A Dolphinsmile Digital Production, for the Dolphinsmile Archive

bittorrent download 11/17; this is same recording as LB-0737 based on same clapping wavs at end of t7 with that having levels raised with compression; this has less digital flaws; in comparison on t5 this has a warmer sound; (did not listen to all of this)
1. Jokerman, 2. Senor (Tales Of Yankee Power), 3. All Along The Watchtower, 4. You're A Big Girl Now, 5. Tangled Up In Blue, 6. Simple Twist Of Fate, 7. Masters Of War, 8. Mama, You Been On My Mind, 9. Gates Of Eden, 10. Highway 61 Revisited, 11. In The Garden, 12. Shooting Star, 13. Maggie's Farm, 14. What Good Am I?, 15. The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll
Year 1994
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