LosslessBob LB-13008
10/28/17Grand Rapids, Michigan   

tascam dr 05, This concert was recorded by me with a Tascam DR-05 portable digital recorder. I used "Audacity" to change the big, long WAV file into individual FLAC files and I used "Trader's Little Helper" to make it into a torrent., The security guards thought they were bigtime motherfuckers at this venue, so it was tricky getting the device inside. As you can see I managed to smuggle it in so HA HA ON YOU GUYS. There was a total electronics ban during the show. For example, I saw a lady check her phone for a couple seconds, a security guard immediately ran up to her with a flashlight shouting, "No phones! No phones! Put it away! Put your phone away!" I witnessed multiple similar scenes. Seemed draconian and unnecessary. Anyway, I managed to get this recording on the down-low, but occasionally security guards were marching around so I had to hide the thing up my sleeve. That means there's probably a little rustling sometimes. And my seat was in an area with talkative people. Sorry about all that. Whoops! "Sorry not sorry," as the kids say., Also included are a couple rotten cell phone pictures of the marquee with some kid standing next to it. I thought maybe an ambitious, creative person could make their own artwork out of that. I am not artistic., Finally, I insist that you convert this recording to MP3 and sell it for a huge profit.

bittorrent download 10/17; did not review this
1. Things Have Changed, 2. It Ain't Me, Babe, 3. Highway 61 Revisited, 4. Why Try To Change Me Now?, 5. Summer Days, 6. Melancholy Mood, 7. Honest With Me, 8. Tryin' To Get To Heaven, 9. Once Upon A Time, 10. Pay In Blood, 11. Tangled Up In Blue, 12. September Of My Years, 13. Early Roman Kings, 14. Soon After Midnight, 15. Desolation Row, 16. Thunder On The Mountain, 17. Autumn Leaves, 18. Love Sick, 19. ENCORE BREAK, 19. Blowin' In The Wind, 20. Ballad Of A Thin Man
Year 2017
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