LosslessBob LB-12970
10/7/78Providence, Rhode Island2B+80min+33min

caspers pitched, Heres a nice surprise, The Caspers recorded a number of shows on audio before their video efforts, Here is an audience audio of a US 78 show, sadly incomplete. They made 2 likely recording sthis day, the longer nad what is b elievde will be full show is yet tobe found. But we do have this, which frankly quality wise is light yeare ahead of the currently circulating recording, Enjoy, The Caretaker, and The Restoration Team, Equipment used is uncertain, Most likely a Sony walkman Pro witha single sony mike., transferred via a nakamichi casettes deck from chrome tape to PC with Adobe Audition., Original recording ran half asemitine fast in places and was corrected before release as follows., Original Files - 16 bit / 96 kHz, pitch correction:, Wav > SSRC > Sound Forge Pro 10.0 (pitching) > CD Wave 1.98 (tracking) > TLH Version 2.7.0 > FLAC 8, pitched in two segments, A -0,7 semitones, before 37:00.222 - after 38:25.977, B -0,7 semitones, before 39:15.704 - after 40.46.691, C -0,6 semitones, before 31:00.000 - after 32.05.946, t01-05,13 missing, t06, t23 incomplete at start, t14 incomplete, tape flips after t12, t22

bittorrent download 10/17; cdr split not specified; in 3-way comparison these are different recordings based on different crowd on t12 Girl From The North Country; jtt LB-4416 is of lesser quality than the others; LB-2471 has a warmer sound with boomier bass rhan this; (did not listen to all of this)
01 My Back Pages --- missing, 02 I'm Ready (Willie Dixon) --- missing, 03 Is Your Love In Vain? --- missing, 04 Shelter From The Storm --- missing, 05 It's All Over Now, Baby Blue --- missing, 06 // Tangled Up In Blue (incomplete at start), 07 Ballad Of A Thin Man, 08 Maggie's Farm, 09 I Don't Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met), 10 Like A Rolling Stone, 11 I Shall Be Released, 12 Going, Going, Gone, 13 One Of Us Must Know (Sooner Or Later) --- missing, 14 // It Ain't Me, Babe (incomplete), 15 Am I Your Stepchild?, 16 One More Cup Of Coffee (Valley Below), 17 Blowin' In The Wind, 18 Girl From The North Country, 19 Senor (Tales Of Yankee Power), 20 Masters Of War, 21 Just Like A Woman, 22 To Ramona, 23 // All Along The Watchtower (incomplete at start), 24 All I Really Want To Do, 25 It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding), 26 Forever Young, 27 Changing Of The Guards
Year 1978
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