LosslessBob LB-12820
11/5/94Knoxville, Tennessee2B51min+53min

bige, Analog Audience Recording- 44.1kHz/16bit Flac, Recorded and rendered by D. Emanuel (Big-E), Unfortunately there was a loud clapper next to me (to the left). I dealt with that the best I could. At times it is better to leave the clapping in and try not to decrease the volume during the music or else the music is impacted (I tried both ways in coming to this conclusion). Still, a good full sound and nice ambiance of the Tennessee Theater!, Lineage: Master- Maxell XLII 100 (Dolby off) using Sony WMD-3 Pro Walkman with Sonic Studio clip on mics onto glasses at the ears with homemade 9V phantom power supply > Tranfer to WAV files with Fostex AR-4i iPhone digital recorder- lines in with L & R separate 1/8 inch connections from WMD-6 Pro Walkman line-out 1/8 inch stereo jack. The AR-4i was modified to use a lightening connector and the Wave files were captured on my iPhone 6S+ using the TW Recorder App > transfered to computer via iUSB software/cable > CoolEdit for normalizing L & R (this recording was heavy with clapping in the left channel - I did the very best I could to clip some clapping but a great deal of it is left in otherwise the music is compromised). > CD Wave Editor for Tracking > TLH for Flac (level 8, aligned on sector boundaries), fingerprints and torrent creation., Caveat: I ran out of tape during the very last tune (about 1 1/2 minutes before the end of It Ain't Me Babe)- I patched the portion that was missing with the LB-3452 fingerprint seed (DAT audience recording- adjusting volume to match my recording). This seed has been here at TTD, uploaded by mr breeze on several ocassions, including recently by my request. It is not his recording (he obtained it from a vine it seems), and it is difficult to track down the originator. The patch is noticeable- the fullness of sound is slightly different, but it's still better to have the entire recording than a fade out here. On the case of my master tape I had written "last min or 2 on 90 min tape," but I never could find the spill-over tape, which I would have gladly used here for patching even if it was missing a few seconds- so instead, there is this one patch from a separate source and I think the "splice" is fairly decent., I would love to hear your feedback on my recording (originally analog) as it compares to the other audience (DAT) recording of this show.

bittorrent download 08/17; in 3-way comparison these are different recordings based on different crowd at end of d1t1; LB-6103 has the fullest sound, then LB-3452, and then this; this is least clear with a little hiss; (did not listen to all of this)
drop/cut between cdrs; some spots were staticy like d1t3 0:26; hiss comes up d1t7 4:58 for 4 seconds; static d2t5 5:01. plue more

1. Jokerman, 2. Just Like A Woman, 3. All Along The Watchtower, 4. I Don't Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met), 5. Tangled Up In Blue, 6. Born In Time, 7. Mr. Tambourine Man,


8. Masters Of War, 9. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right, 10. Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again, 11. I'll Remember You, 12. Maggie's Farm, 13. (crowd), Encore:, 14. Like A Rolling Stone, 15. It Ain't Me Babe, (Complete concert)

Year 1994
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