LosslessBob LB-12819
5/8/91Albany, NY B 

lta, 24/48, taper: unknown, lineage:, Maxell XL-II-S C 90 cassette (LTA collection)>, Nakamichi DRAGON>Oehlnach Cable>TASCAM DR-05 (24/48)>, SanDisk 16GB microSD>SanDisk microSD Adapter>, Broadcom SD Card Reader>iMac i5 / macOS Sierra 10.12.6>WAV 24/48>, HairerSoft Amadeus Pro 2.1.3 (1544) (level,pitch -0.621,crossfades,tracking)/iZotope RX 4)>, xACT 2.39>FLAC24/48 0.8053 (18 files),tags,ffp,md5>, Transmission/2.92+ (14736) Build#6958, different recording from LB-01686,LB-08707,LB-10756, fingerprint:, t1 [female]: @ 0:18 This is "New Morning"! It is "New Morning"., ***New Transfer 4-august-2017 by LTA***

bittorrent download 08/17; in 3-way comparison these are different recordings based on different crowd at end of t6; this has narrower sound than LB-8707 and LB-10756; they are all harsh; (did not listen to all of this)
01 // Introduction - New Morning, 02 Lay, Lady, Lay, 03 All along the Watchtower, 04 The Man in Me, 05 Gotta Serve Somebody, 06 Wiggle Wiggle, 07 Visions of Johanna, 08 To Ramona, 09 Mr. Tambourine Man, 10 It Ain't Me, Babe, 11 Everything Is Broken, 12 Man in the Long Black Coat, 13 Highway 61 Revisited, 14 Shooting Star, 15 I Shall Be Released, 16 Like a Rolling Stone - audience, (encore), 17 The Times They Are a-Changin' - audience, 18 Maggie's Farm, 84:48
Year 1991
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