LosslessBob LB-12750
4/21/01opeka, Kansas, Kansas Expocentre2B+57min+59min

dghale, Source: SP-CMC-6 w/AT-853C > SP-BPF-2 > Sony D-8 > Maxell HS-4/60s DAT (2), Seated on riser 10th row on the left side just above the floor in the section about 30' from the, left stacks., Transfer: Maxell HS-4/60s > Tascam DA P1 > Sony M-10 Wave 24-bit 48 khz > USB, to Windows 7 > merge Soundforge v9 > tracking / split / fades / save to 16-bit 44 khz, w/ Wave Pad Sound Editor > aligned (pad) and coverted to flac (level 8) w/ TLH, All recording, transfer, and designs by DG Hale.

bittorrent download 06/17; this is different recording than LB-9929 and LB-5103 based on different crowd at end of d1t1; in comparison LB-5103 is harshest narrowest, then this, and then LB-9929; LB-9929 has more echo; (did not listen to all of this)
Setlist:, Disc One, 1. Duncan and Brady (Acoustic), 2. Song to Woody(Acoustic), 3. Desolation Row (Acoustic), 4. Watching the River Flow (Larry on steel guitar), 5. Standing in the Doorway, 6. Maggie's Farm, 7. Love Minus Zero/No Limit (Acoustic, Larry on pedal steel), 8. 4th Time Around (Acoustic, Charlie on electric), 9. Tangled Up in Blue (Acoustic, Bob on harp), 10. Make You Feel My Love, Disc Two, 11. Cold Irons Bound, 12. Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat, Encore:, 13. Love Sick, 14. Like a Rolling Stone, 15. If Dogs Run Free (Acoustic, Larry and Charlie on electric guitars), 16. All Along the Watchtower (Larry on steel guitar), 17. Forever Young (Acoustic, Bob on harp), 18. Highway 61 Revisited, 19. Blowin' in the Wind (Acoustic), 20. Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 (Larry on steel guitar)
Year 2001
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