LosslessBob LB-11864
4/5/14Tokyo, Japan2B49min+58min

BOOTLEG: Japanese Live Collection 2014; jlc, (18 cd+ 1dvd), Source:4SHURE RECORDS 098-116, EAC (secure mode)>TLH flac (level 8)>md5>torrent, Artwork incluided

bittorrent download 01/15; this is same recording as mini LB-11371 based on same wav view; this is at 44k and has had some songs trimmed and has more digital flaws; in spectral view this looks like it has undergone a dirty processing step adding noise which on listening comes out as a light buzz of added hiss; (did not listen to all of this)
drops between tracks
cd-9, 1.Things Have Changed, 2.She Belongs To Me, 3.Beyond Here Lies Nothin', 4.What Good Am I?, 5.Waiting For You, 6.Duquesne Whistle, 7.Pay In Blood, 8.Tangled Up In Blue, 9.Love Sick, cd-10, 1.High Water (For Charley Patton), 2.Simple Twist Of Fate, 3.Early Roman Kings, 4.Forgetful Heart, 5.Spirit On The Water, 6.Scarlet Town, 7.Soon After Midnight, 8.Long And Wasted Years, 9.All Along The Watchtower, 10.Blowin' In The Wind
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Year 2014
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