LosslessBob LB-9984
10/7/01Corvallis, Oregon2A57min+67min

version "c", Live At The Palindrome, Audience recording. Fan project received in trade as Cd-R. Most likely same recording as LB-0458 or LB-2806 based on identical track-lengths for d1, but for the 2 seconds TAO gaps not present on this one; d2 tracks have slightly different lengths, though., Lineage: Cd-R(x) > wav (eac secure mode) > wav (adobe audition 1.5/fix) > flac (TLH w/flac 1.2.1b - align on SB option - level 6), EAC reported suspicious position d2t10 @ 0:00:16-17, but I could not hear it and dff didn't find any right there, either. This one had less flaws than any of the registered LB's for this date and looks like clipping problems had also been solved or they never existed, but several gaps and digipops remained yet. Detected drops and digi-flaws are now fixed on this version. Digi-Flaw-Finder reports before and after the fix are also attached., Enjoy!, Luisbp51 (Hungercity April 7, 2012)

bittorrent download 04/12; same recording as LB-7809 based on same clapping wavs at end of d1t1 inverted; in comparison this was a little harsher with a little more hiss; (did not listen to all of this)
Tracklsit:, Disc 1, 01. 01 Wait For The Light To Shine (Fred Rose), 02. 02 My Back Pages, 03. 03 Desolation Row, 04. 04 Searching For A Soldier's Grave (Johnnie Wright, Jim Anglin, Jack Anglin), 05. 05 Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum, 06. 06 Positively 4th Street, 07. 07 Summer Days, 08. 08 Moonlight, 09. 09 Masters Of War, 10. 10 It's All Over Now, Baby Blue, Disc 2, 01. 11 Don't Think Twice, It's All Right, 02. 12 Watching The River Flow, 03. 13 Sugar Baby, 04. 14 Cold Irons Bound, 05. 15 Rainy Day Women # 12 & 35, 06. 16 Love Sick, 07. 17 Like A Rolling Stone, 08. 18 Knockin' On Heaven's Door, 09. 19 Honest With Me, 10. 20 Blowin' In The Wind
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Year 2001
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