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xx/xx/61genuine bootleg series vol 1 remastersworkshop3 75min+75min+77min

genuine bootleg series vol 1 remastersworkshop, Vinyl sources declicked; otherwise pitch, phase and levels corrected at Remasters Workshop December 2011 from the CD set on Scorpio GBS 1-1, 1-2 and 1-3., This issue corrects this set of Dylan rarities, all but two of which ran slightly fast or slow, and all of which was out of phase. on the original CDs, the track markers were placed before the previous track ended or after the next one had already started, and there were abrupt starts and stops with no silences between tracks. These have been fixed. one track, (Seems Like A) Freeze Out, sped up gradually on its way to the end. This has had its pitch straightened out here. This set is reputed to contain the best-sounding iterations of this Dylan material. We are pleased to be able to present it in improved quality. No noise reduction or EQ was used. only the playback speed, phase and levels have been altered., ffp files and artwork are included. The CD inserts are designed to go into one regular-sized double jewel case and one regular single jewel case. The front panel artwork should be used twice., Please preserve the lossless quality of this material., Uploaded to Demonoid December 22, 2011., Enjoy!, Remasters Workshop, RMW 801-803

bittorrent download 12/11; in comparison to bootleg LB-6621on beginning of t17, they sounded similar except levels were raised on this; (did not listen to all of this)
Genuine Bootleg Series, Tracks:, Disc 1:, Black Cross, I Was Young When I Left Home, Minnesota Hotel Tape, 12/22/61, Ballad For A Friend, Leeds Demo, 1/62, Hero Blues, Whatcha Gonna Do?, Freewheelin' outtakes, 12/6/62, Tomorrow Is A Long Time, Witmark demo, 12/62, Milk Cow Blues, Freewheelin' outtake, 4/24/62, Rocks And Gravel, Freewheelin' test pressing, 11/13/62, You've Been Hiding Too Long, Town Hall, 4/12/63, Farewell, Baby Let Me Follow You Down, Witmark demos, 12/63-1/64, That's All Right Mama/Sally Free And Easy, Bob Dylan's New Orleans Rag, Another Side sessions, 6/9/64, You Don't Have To Do That, BIABH outtake, 1/13/65, Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window? Highway 61 outtake/error single, 7/30/65, Desolation Row, Highway 61 outtake, 7/30/65, Seems Like A Freeze Out, Hawks session, 11/30/65, She's Your Lover Now, Hawks session, 1/21/66, Disc 2:, The Painting By Van Gogh, Denver Hotel Tape, 3/13/66, What Kind of Friend Is This?, Glasgow Hotel Tape, 5/19/66, One Too Many Mornings, Sheffield, 5/16/66, Sign On The Cross, All American Boy, Nothing Was Delivered, Basement Tapes 1967, I Threw It All Away, Honey Just Allow Me One More Chance Working On A Guru, George Harrison session, 5/1/70, Down In The Flood, New York City, 1/1/72, Goodbye Holly, Rock Me Mama, Pat Garrett sessions, 2/73, Nobody 'Cept You, Planet Waves outtake, 11/2/73, Idiot Wind, BOTT test pressing, 9/16/74, Hurricane, Desire outtake, 7/30/75, Stop Now, Street Legal sessions, 5/1/78, Am I Your Stepchild, Augusta, ME, 9/15/78, Disc 3:, Trouble In Mind, Slow Train Coming alternate take, 5/79, Yonder Comes Sin, Shot Of Love sessions, 10/80, Caribbean Wind, Shot Of Love sessions, 3/31/81, Don't Ever Take Yourself Away, Shot Of Love sessions, 4/23/81, Thief On The Cross, New Orleans, LA, 11/10/81, Sweetheart Like You, Someone's Got a Hold of My Heart, Tell Me, Jokerman, Blind Willie McTell, Infidels outtakes, 4/83-5/83, New Danville Girl, Empire Burlesque sessions, 12/84, Important Words, Down In The Groove outttake, 4-5/87, Dignity, Oh Mercy outtake, 3/89, Like A Ship, Traveling Wilburys 3 outtake, 4/90, Series Of Dreams, Oh Mercy outtake, 3/89
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Year 1961
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