LosslessBob LB-8739
2/16/93Vredenburg, Utrecht2A-48min+80min

rtm08 version "e";, Righteous To Me 08, SHN 0.5593 (18 files), discs from bobzilla, datavine 2005-01-27 by appleberry, HungerCity 2008-04-29 by tbc, NOTES:, Some track transitions are not entirely seamless - fixed using Sonic Foundry, d1t02: [3:13] volume lowers - modified by torrenter, d2t08: [6:37 - 6:47] rather horrific digi-chopping -, minimized as best possible by torrenter, d2t09: [0:26] volume spike - modified by torrenter, d2t11: [10:50 -11:25] dead runoff - cut by torrenter, DEAD AIR REMOVED APPROX 1MIN 30 SEC, LB-2338 (48min+80min) sbd, volume comes up on d2t9, d2t10 and occasionally, turns harsh with clipping;, most below 15k;, d2t8 6:37 10sec of noise after song at end of track;, noise d2t9 1:31, SOUND: A hint of muffling fogs this recording slightly, but don't let, that stop you from picking this one up. Vocals are close and clear, the, band is a little compressed but balanced well enough to enjoy. The, volume goes up over the last few tracks but the high end suffers for it, so it's a wash. Overall warm and intimate, very nice indeed.

bittorrent download 07/10; this is a not close eac match on d1t2 to LB-2338; as indicated this improves on some of the flaws on that one but has others like drops between some tracks and digi-pops; (did not listen to all of this)
drop/cut between cdrs, end of d1t2, d1t6 0:00, d2t2 0:00, d2t9 0:00, d2t10 0:00, d2t11 0:00; digi-pops d1t4 7:59, 10:00, 10:09, 10:18, d1t6 0:13, 2:17 d2t11 2:54, plus a few more small ones
CD 1, 01 // I'm Moving on 03:59, 02 The Man in Me 04:45, 03 All along the Watchtower 06:51, 04 Tangled up in Blue 10:53, 05 I'll Remember You 05:02, 06 Stuck Inside of Mobile with the, Memphis Blues Again 08:52, 07 It Takes a Lot to Laugh, it Takes a Train to Cry // 06:54, 47:18, CD 2, 01 Tomorrow Night 05:22, 02 Jim Jones 07:00, 03 Mr Tambourine Man 07:17, 04 Don't Think Twice, It's All Right 08:38, 05 Cat's in the Well 06:44, 06 I and I 08:04, 07 Simple Twist of Fate 08:18, 08 Highway 61 Revisited 06:47, 09 What Good Am I? 05:50, 10 Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 04:23, 11 It Ain't Me, Babe 11:25, 79:52, 2CD 125:33
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Year 1993
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