LosslessBob LB-6967

LTA remaster; Soundboard, Source:, "Righteous to Me 1993 Preboard RTM 02 >, unknown >, FLAC 0.5533 (4 files) >, easytree 2005-01-13, datavine 2005-01-27, from the Box Set Righteous to Me 1993 Preboards, LB-2325 (30min) incomplete, partial [B-], has harshness;, static/drop t4 2:2x, 9:3x, LTA remaster:, xACT 1.64 >, FLAC to AIFF >, Amadeus II 3.8.7 >, retracked, d1t4 drop 2:2 fixed, mono channel with least distortion used >, iZotope RX 1.0.6 >, declipping >, xACT 1.64 >, FLAC 0.2691 (4 files), FLAC tags, md5, st5, ffp, 2008-11-12, TangledUpInTorrents 2008-11-13 by mixedup

bittorrent download 11/08; close to mono; asymetric wavs with bottom limited to -9db while top goes to 0db; in comparison to LB-2325 that is limited and compressed to -3db where it clips a lot on top and bottom of wavs while this clips a lot only on the bottom of the wavs; so overall clipping is still bad on this one but that one is worse as there are portions on that where the clipping is easily heard where it is not on this one such as the vocals at t4 0:57; that one is also a little harsher probably do to the compressioin; very good sound [B]

(a bittorrent from 11/16 has matching md5 checksums but different info file; described as "Pre-Board PARTIAL from RTM box" with same filenames; xref-01783)

static t4 2:2x
01 Maggie's Farm 07:14, 02 Lenny Bruce 05:55, 03 All along the Watchtower 06:26, [Tangled Up In Blue], MISSING, [Positively 4th Street] MISSING, 04 Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again 09:39, 29:12, NOTE:, These four songs are all that circulate from this source.
Year 1993
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