LosslessBob LB-5210
11/3/01Nashville, Tennessee, Municipal Auditorium2A-72min+69min

An OldToaD remaster, D1 71:34, D2 68:54, The audience noise is fairly intrusive in several places during this set, and there is a serious "Howler" in close, proximity to the taper, who on occasion virtually drowns out the music, if only briefly. (See below *) In many cases I found rather unusual spikes combined with instantaneous dropouts in the wave form, mostly associated with the applause in between songs. These have been removed where possible. The bad spikes were perhaps caused by distortion of clapping very close to the taper, which manifested on the recording, but that is only surmise. I have endeavoured to minimise this effect by seamless deletion and amplitude adjustment. The worst instances were perhaps in D2 T9, T10 and T11 which I regret are not perfect. These artefacts showed on the waveform as spikes but with the continuation of the wave coming straight from the top of the spike and falling down to the centre line in a curved shape. (very hard to explain without a picture!) The resulting sound was a very distorted staccato clap - ugly compared to normal applause., The other major restoration concerns many volume anomalies, very often immediately after our friend the Howler did his thing. Perhaps the taper made an emergency volume adjustment to avoid too much amplitude clipping!, This is a very long tome of restoration, and truly was a labour of love - it took ages to complete. That accounts for the delay in release after this show was received from Steve in a dylanvine vine distribution. This is a serious upgrade. (I am sure there are still flaws, but it is "the best a man can get!") (Apologies to Gillette!), disc one, I have removed digital clicks from T1 at 0:29 and 0:57.9, and a slight "tsk" has been removed at 2:25.6, 2:45.2 and 3:31.6. The intro to "Hummingbird" has been slightly enhanced, whilst the applause has been slightly toned down. A spike and dropout has been removed at 3:47.1., Clicks have been removed from T2 at 0:02.5, 0:07.82, 0:12.3 & 0:14.75. There are microphone bumps at 1:07.3, these have been improved where possible, although evidence of their existence still remains. At 1:26 a good impersonation of a bullfrog in the audience has been removed along with a click at 1:28.5. A tiny click at 5:43.6 has been removed. Bad clicks at 6:15.5, 7:57.4, 8:24.87, 8:29.5, and 8:53.30 have been removed. The track changeover between T2 and T3 exhibits evidence of a previous edit, this has been slightly improved., At 0:04.9 of T3 a slight "tsk" has been removed. A series of clicks have been removed at 0:15.07, 0:15.08, 0:15.20, 0:15.35 & 0:15.60. At 1:11.5 a bad spike & drop out has been repaired, regretfully a small glitch remains - the guitar sounds a little strange. A big click has been removed at 8:10.6. Our friend Howler features well at 2:06 and elsewhere of T3. (In my opinion this is a great version of "Desolation Row".), At 3:36.15 of T4 a click has been removed., At 0:08 of T5 a faint click has been removed. At about 4:46 of T5 just after a substantial "howl" from our friend (good example *), there was a very obvious volume drop until about 5:25. This has been corrected as best as possible. A couple more spikes and dropouts have been removed from the applause around 6:41. There was a sound anomaly in the applause around the changeover of T5 and T6, this has been adjusted., T6 is excellent (IMO). However there were several spikes associated with dropouts in the music finale and the applause, notably at 4:46.7, 4:47.0 and 4:52.50. The removal of these artefacts resulted in a repeated rise and fall in the sound, albeit momentary. This has been corrected. A big click was also removed at 4:50. The track changeover to T7 was also affected, this has been improved., For T7 a click has been removed at 0:02.6, and extensive work was undertaken to correct the finale, where there were more instances of spikes and dropouts, most notably at around 5:38. Howler also featured here! A double click has been removed at 6:53.44. The track changeover to D1 T8 also required volume adjustment to flow well., Breakups in the finale and applause were corrected in T8 at 6:04.7, 6:06.5, & 6:10.1 Clicks were removed at 6:09.8, 6:10.5 and 6:10.55. Howler features well just after the beginning of T9!, A click in T9 has been removed at 0:00.32. Problems with the applause at the beginning of T9 have been corrected. A series of little clicks between 2:15 and 2:17 have been removed. At 5:53.8 a click has been removed, and at 5:54.3 a spike and dropout has been corrected. I have enhanced this track by +2dB, it sounds better for it. (This is only a very small volume adjustment at the prevailing amplitude.) The changeover between T9 and T10 has been equalised., A spike and dropout at 0:01.75 has been removed in T10. At the changeover of T10 and T11 the applause has been equalised, and Howler only features small this time! T11 is virtually perfect apart from a spike and dropout at 9:53.29, this has been corrected. A fade out has been applied to the very end of T11., disc two, Clicks have been removed from T1 at 0:17.6 & 0:18.3. There were various volume anomalies in this track, notably from 1:21.9 (immediately after one of Howler's finest performances!) to 2:26.26, and 5:10.5 to 5:50.5. These have been corrected by sloping amplitude adjustments of respectively +6db to zero, and +5db to zero. A click has been removed at 4:09.5, Nasty spikes and drop outs have been removed from T2 at about 0:22.2, 0:23.5 and 5:46.32. A slight distortion has been removed at 2:34.2, and clicks have been removed at 2:39.99 and 3:46.0, Spikes with the associated dropouts have been removed from T3 at 0:00.48, 0:01.05, and 0:01.65. There was a volume reduction from about 3:07 to 3:54, just after our friend Howler! This has been corrected with a sloping amplitude enhancement of +5db to 0dB. Similar treatment has been applied to 4:41 to 5:06, however in this case the adjustment was +5dB to +3dB., A big click has been removed at 5:14.91. The music sounds a little strange between 4:47 and 4:55, the guitar notes seem to vibrate a little. I truthfully have no idea if this is meant to sound like that., Bad clicks have been removed from T4 at 0:02.03 and 0:04.76 & 4:34.5 A volume drop from 5:44.54 to 5:53.75 has been corrected with an amplitude enhancement of +3dB. Extensive work was undertaken from 5:54 onwards to normalise the sound levels during the band introductions. Howler features well at 6:34., The audience applause needed slight adjustment to normalise the changeover from T4 to T5. A click has been removed at 0:00.312, and a spike with associated drop out has been removed at 0:05.275. Howler features well at 0:06.00! A click has been removed at 0:49.4, and a volume drop between 0:50 to 01:34 has been corrected with a sloping adjustment of +3db to +1db. A second volume anomaly has been corrected between 04:23 and 04:55, this time adjusted by +3db to 0dB. Nasty clicks have been removed at 06:15.012, 06:15.638, 06:16.22 and 06:22.8., Various very localised, and very specific amplitude adjustments have been applied during the first three minutes of T6; I believe that they are virtually seamless. Spikes and dropouts have been corrected at 6:41.06, 6:42.03, 6:42.290, 6:42.610, 6:42.927, 6:42.950, and 6:46.134., T7 was fine., A string of spikes and dropouts have been repaired in T8 at 0:00.37, 0:00.676, 0:01.678, 0:02.328 and 0:04.695. A volume anomaly between 4:25.5 and 4:47 has been adjusted (sloping enhancement +3dB to 0dB). Further spikes and dropouts have been attended to at 6:40.02, 6:40.51, 6:49.564 and 6:49.573., A click has been removed from T9 at 3:17.82. At 3:21.82 there appeared to be a momentary repeat at the end of the word "answer" as in "answerswer", this has been corrected. Clicks and associated dropouts have been repaired at 5:09.145, 5:12.642 and 5:13.047. I have to point out that extensive work was undertaken to remove/correct/soften the staccato clicks in the last 15 seconds of this track. I gave up trying to list them, and there remains very slight evidence of editing, but the Gillette principal applies here again. The volume was adjusted slightly over the changeover to T10., A brief volume anomaly has been corrected at 1:54 by enhancement of +3dB. At 3:56 to 4:26 a sloping enhancement of +3db to 0db has been applied. At 5:23 Mr. Howler drowns the music momentarily, and the subsequent drop in volume from 5:24.22 to 5:43.774 has been enhanced by +2db to 0dB. A click has been removed at 5:25.5. Subsequent to the enhancement a little amplitude clipping has been corrected in the finale of the song. A double click has been removed at 5:42.17, along with further clicks at 5:43.9, 6:08.107 and 6:29.86., By this time I was heartily tired of listing the repairs in the applause and song finales, so there is no data for T11 but it has been effectively cleaned to the best of my abilities! This was probably the worst affected finale! Clicks have been removed at 2:08.58 and 2:45.49., Summary., So there you have it. I suppose someone will now advise me that there is a better version circulating out there somewhere, time will tell! I believe that this has been a worthwhile project, and I hope it meets with the unknown taper's approval, and of course with the approval of the Bob fans in the wild. It is by no means perfect, but is a serious improvement IMO., I think that it is a great show, and apart from the obvious flaws mentioned above, the sound is, I think, very good indeed. It also contains some of The OldToaD's personal all time favourite songs!, received as a dylantree vine in audio format., CDRs > EAC mode6 > waves > remastered in Cool Edit Pro > mkwACT > SHN files, Enjoy, The OldToaD, February/March 2005;

different recording than LB-5006 based on different crowd d1t3 1:1x; in comparison that sounds more upfront but has the loud bass; excellent sound [A-]
drop/cut between cdrs; drop d2t2 3:56, 4:05, 5:40, discontinuity pop d1t1 3:16 3:31, digi-pop d1t2 0:19, 5:40 plus more discontinuities and digi-pops
disc one 71:34, 01 Humming Bird (acoustic) (Larry on electric guitar), 02 It Ain't Me, Babe (acoustic) (Bob on harp), 03 Desolation Row (acoustic), 04 This World Can't Stand Long (acoustic) (Larry on mandolin), 05 Lonesome Day Blues, 06 I Threw It All Away (Larry on pedal steel), 07 High Water (Larry on banjo), 08 Floater (Tony on standup bass), 09 One Too Many Mornings (acoustic) (Larry on pedal steel), 10 John Brown (acoustic) (Larry on bouzouki), 11 Visions Of Johanna (acoustic), disc two 68:54, 01 Summer Days (Tony on standup bass), 02 Mississippi, 03 The Wicked Messenger (Bob on harp), 04 Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat, (1st encore), 05 Things Have Changed, 06 Like A Rolling Stone, 07 I Shall Be Released (acoustic), 08 Honest With Me, 09 Blowin' In The Wind (acoustic), (2nd encore), 10 All Along The Watchtower, 11 Knockin' On Heaven's Door (acoustic)
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