LosslessBob LB-5039
6/15/95Highgate VT, Franklin County Airport2B+40min+44min

AUD Source: Nakamichi CM-300's w/CP4 shotgun capsules > unknown, deck > Denon DTR-80P Dat. Mics on stand in OTS, left of sbd area., Transfer: MAD > Sony TCD-D10Pro > Coax SPDIF > Audiophile 2496 >, Soundforge (at 48kHz) > CD-Wave > R8Brain (44.1kHz) > TLH > FLAC., Notes:, - Beginnings of first and last songs slightly clipped., - Tracks d1t06 & d2t01 can be rejoined seamlessly on longer media., - Soundforge used to make fades., - TLH used for SBE-OK, FLAC compression and making checksums.

bittorrent download 06/07; not much above 14k; different recording than LB-1177 based on that one having some background talking at d1t6 0:40 not on this one; different recording than LB-1199 based on different crowd at d1t6 0:5x; this has 2:15 more of d1t1 than LB-1177; in comparison this has a little warmer sound and a little less hiss; very good to excellent sound [B+]
d1t1 begin cut; static d1t1 3:06; small noise d2t2 1:51; drop end of d2t5
01 //Crash on the Levee, 02 It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry, 03 All Along the Watchtower, 04 Tears of Rage, 05 Silvio, 06 Mister Tambourine Man, 07 Masters of War, 08 It's All Over Now, Baby Blue, 09 Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again, 10 She Belongs to Me, 11 Highway 61 Revisited, 12 Encore: //Like A Rolling Stone
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Year 1995
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