LosslessBob LB-4879
6/28/91Kalvoya, Norway2B45min+48min

version "a"; Suppose it is a B soundquality-wise (always hard to decide - a bit harsh and distorted at some places, but very nice acoustic numbers. Seems to be identical LB-4051 (if so, it must originate from my transfer, as disc-time, pops and drop-outs match my discs), Receieved the tapes in a trade ten-eleven years ago, transferred them to my computer some years later., Lineage: Tape from trade->pc via goldwave->CD-R->eac to Flac->you

bittorrent download 05/07; same recording as LB-4051 with similar wav and spectral views and different digital flaws with this having more; (did not listen to all of this);

(a bittorrent from 02/09 has different md5 and reports in torrenters comments to be another cdr rip; described with same info file and filenames with differences in disc.log files having this 2/09 eac date)

drop/cut between cdrs, d1t10 0:00, d2t2 0:00, d2t3 0:00, d2t8 0:00; discontinuities between tracks; discontinuitiy pops d1t2 1:20, 2:27, d1t5 2:49, d2t5 2:14, 2:28, d2t7 1:42, d2t8 2:06, 6:01
CD I:, New Morning (with harp), Lay Lady Lay (with harp), All Along The Watchtower, Shelter From The Storm (with harp), Gotta Serve Somebody, Wiggle Wiggle, I'll Be Your Baby Tonight (with harp), When I Paint My Masterpiece, @ Two Soldiers (Trad.), @ Bob Dylan's Dream (with harp), CD II:, @ Don't Think Twice, It's All Right (with harp), @ Girl Of The North Country (with harp), Man In The Long Black Coat (with harp), Everything Is Broken (with harp), I Believe In You (with harp), Highway 61 Revisited, Lenny Bruce, Ballad Of A Thin Man (with harp)
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Year 1991
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