LosslessBob LB-3546
10/18/05Oslo, Norway, Spektrum2 53min+51min

TheOldToaD remaster; a THB DAT recording, mastered from the original, raw untracked tape file by TheOldToaD, a THB DAT recording, mastered from the original, raw untracked tape file by TheOldToaD, D1 52:13, D2 50:16, This is a most remarkable recording in my opinion, there is precious little audience, noise noticeable in this set, except of course in the intertrack applause. This version, has been prepared with the taper's permission and blessing from the original raw DAT tape, file. I received the show as one giant FLAC file direct from the PC transfer. It was an, honour to be offered the opportunity to master it, at the same time a great challenge., The price was paid in time. As I progressed through the show, it became harder to keep the, similar sound thread intact. I mastered each track individually, as opposed to one great, big normalisation. In my opinion this produces a better end product, but there are pitfalls., It is easy to process one track with its own end seconds of applause, and then process the, next track slightly differently - bingo you have a a totally unmatched sound at the track, changeover! I believe that I have avoided this by both hook and crook! I have included the, audience encore uncut, after all it is a live show! Its not too loud, although you will, know when Bob and the band hit the stage!, It's a good time to top up the wine glass, or the G & T!, Enough waffle, here are the recording and mastering details., DAT master taped by THB, Core Sound Binaural mics > Sony D7 DAT, Transfer by taper: D7 DAT > Opcode DATPort > PC > one giant uncut FLAC file, Mastered by TheOldToaD, one FLAC file > FLAC front end > one wave file > tracked and mastered using Cool Edit Pro >, mastered wave files > FLAC front end > FLAC files compression ratio 5, So, here you have a zero generation lossless version. I suppose it should get an LB number., Thanks to THB for a real treat of a recording, and of course to Bob and the band for a, great show., This release includes artwork specially commissioned from Scouser Art and wave file checksums., PLEASE CIRCULATE THIS ONLY IN LOSSLESS FORMAT., The files have been checked and corrected using shntool for any SBE's., Enjoy the music!, TheOldToaD, Mid January 2006, revised 31 January 2006

in comparison to LB-3315 which is a litle muddy, this one has too much more midrange and highend making it too harsh; (did not isten to all of this one)
disc one 52:13, 01 Intro, 02 Maggie's Farm, 03 Tell Me That It Isn't True, 04 I'll Be Your Baby Tonight, 05 Lay, Lady, Lay, 06 Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I'll Go Mine), 07 Blind Willie McTell, 08 Watching The River Flow, 09 Ballad Of A Thin Man, 10 Floater (Too Much To Ask), disc two 50:16, 01 Highway 61 Revisited, 02 Positively 4th Street, 03 Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum, 04 Masters Of War (acoustic), 05 Summer Days, 06 audience encore, 07 Don't Think Twice, It's All Right (acoustic), 08 band introductions, 09 All Along The Watchtower
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Year 2005
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