LosslessBob LB-3404
10/25/05Berlin, Arena Treptow2 57min+54min

schubert-'power'version, this is a schubert-remaster of the previously posted recording of this show. reportedly it was done in order to even the big loudness-differences in the basic recording due to the inherent huge dynamics of a dylanshow (very often annoyingly intensified by the guy at the soundboard - e.g. cranking up the p.a. at watchtower)., sounds ok to my ears....same sound as the already posted version but w/o the need to turn up the low tracks or turning down the loud ones. and luckily no listenable pumping effects which quiet often can be heard when heavy compression squeezing a recording., actually this post is nothing new, just a little upgrade....., have fun, karloh

bittorrent download 12/05; in comparison to schubert's first mastered version LB-3319 this one is slightly harsher
Disc One [57:00], 1. Announcement, 2. Maggie's Farm, 3. Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You, 4. Watching The River Flow, 5. Lay, Lady, Lay, 6. It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding), 7. Under The Red Sky, 8. Cold Irons Bound, 9. Just Like A Woman, 10. Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum, Disc Two [53:43], 1. John Brown, 2. Down Along The Cove, 3. Floater (Too Much To Ask), 4. Masters Of War, 5. Highway 61 Revisited, 6. Like A Rolling Stone, 7. All Along The Watchtower
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Year 2005
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