LosslessBob LB-3366
11/21/05Brixton Academy2A79min+31min

taped by SH

excellent sound [A]; has a similar sound quality to dpa4021 recording except this one is not as boomy but have to listen hard to get that; another comparison on a different segment of music found the dpa4021 a little warmer and more natural sounding
discontinuity pop d1t3 5:55, d1t4 0:01
disc 1 ----- 78:13, 1. Rumble, 2. Maggie's Farm, 3. The Times They Are A-Changing, 4. Million Dollar Bash, 5. It's Alright Ma, 6. Moonlight, 7. Down Along The Cove, 8. Boots Of Spanish Leather, 9. Cold Irons Bound, 10. Mr. Tambourine Man, 11. Tweedle Dum & Tweedle Dee, 12. Visions of Johanna, 13. Honest With Me, disc 2 ----- 30:51, 1. Waiting For You, 2. Highway 61, 3. London Calling, 4. Like A Rolling Stone, 5. All Along The Watchtower
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Year 2005
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