LosslessBob LB-2998
10/18/04Davis, CA, University of California, The Pavilion at the ARC - Davis2 59min+43min

source-, DPA 4060's > MPS6020 > Sony SBM-1 > Sony TCD-D100 (, 4m from left stack), -conversion-, Sony TCD-D100 > coax > M-Audio Audiophile USB > Adobe Audition v1.5 > T-Racks 24 v2.0 > CDWave v1.7 > FLAC frontend > flac, -genealogy-, dat-m>dEdit>dEQ>flac, -tracklist-

bittorrent download 08/05; different recording than previous ones; this one is very harsh in comparison as if during EQ the midrange and treble were boosted to make Bob's vocals very harsh (did nt listen to all of this one) (taper reported he maybe only added 3db to high end and says he does hear an emphasis around 1 to 3k which he may take care of if he does another transfer, but the EQ is not responsible but just bad sound where he was at the venue which is a basketball gym)

*, 01. Introduction, 02. To Be Alone with You, 03. Senor (Tales of Yankee Power), 04. Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum, 05. Under the Red Sky, 06. It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding), 07. Moonlight, 08. Cold Irons Bound, 09. Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues, 10. Man in the Long Black Coat, 11. Highway 61 Revisited, *


*, 01. Saving Grace, 02. Honest with Me, 03. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right, 04. Summer Days, (encore), 05. Like a Rolling Stone, 06. (band introductions), 07. All along the Watchtower

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Year 2004
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