LosslessBob LB-2747
10/21/04Santa Barbara, California, University Of California Santa Barbara, Events Center (Thunderdome)2B-59min+40min

An OldToad remaster, An OldToaD remaster, D1 58:13, D2 39:59, This was received from a bit torrent download as SHN files, unknown in, origin. After decoding to wave and burning an audio disc of D1, I discovered, that every track was amplitude clipped to some greater or lesser degree., There also appeared to be very little bass in the sound. For this reason it became, a suitable case for attention., Each track was subjected to clip restoration with an attenuation of -4dB., The bass was then slightly enhanced, and finally each track was increased in, amplitude by +2dB. The overall result seems to sound much better., The tracks were then all examined for any problems., The Intro has been separated from Drifter's Escape, and now forms D1 T1, all subsequent, tracks being renumbered. T1 has had a short fade-in applied, and a click has been removed, at 0:19. The sound is a little distant in T2, this makes the vocals slightly echoey., I have removed slight snatches of distortion at 0:49.7, 1:25.4, and 1:19.1, A slight distortion has been removed at 1:05 of T3. A slight clunk has been removed at, 1:32.8 of T6. A momentary burst of static has been removed from T7 at approximately 2:37.2, The track changeovers of T6/T7, T7/T8, and T8/T9 have all been slightly repositioned., A click has been removed from T8 at 1:8.9, A little distortion at 4:27 and 4:30 has been removed from T9., There is a little distortion apparent at 2:35 of T11, this could not be removed., D2 was subject to the same initial procedure as D1., T1 was perfect., In T2 some distortion was removed at 1:39.5, and the same was attenuated at 2:17.8 as, best as possible., T3, T4, T6, & T7 regretfully were very prone to distortion, slight but frequent., It took 3 iterations, so to speak, to clean the tracks to what you will hear now., A variety of techniques were employed, including further clip restoration, straight, amplitude reduction, and very localised deletion. There is absolutely no point in, even attempting to list the occurences of attention, the sound will do that for me., Most of the distortion has been removed, attenuated or otherwise dealt with., Some distortion inevitably remains, plus some evidence of attention., A fade-out has been applied to T7., SHN files > mkwACT > waves remastered in Cool Edit Pro (3 times) > mkwACT > SHN files, The end product is by no means perfect, but as this seems at the present time to be the, only version of this show in circulation, I believe it to be a worthwhile project. My thanks, go to the anonymous taper, as do my hopes that the remastering wins his approval., Enjoy, TheOldToaD, 21 - 27 December 2004

bittorrent download 5/05; not much above 16k; the wavs look much better shaped than previous version and does have the added bass but the sound does not improve enough to notice (did not listen to all of this one)
disc one 58:13, 01 Intro, 02 Drifter's Escape, 03 I'll Remember You, 04 Lonesome Day Blues, 05 Just Like A Woman, 06 Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum, 07 You Ain't Goin' Nowhere, 08 Moonlight, 09 Highway 61 Revisited, 10 Girl Of The North Country (acoustic), 11 Cold Irons Bound, disc two 39:59, 01 Tryin' To Get To Heaven, 02 Honest With Me, 03 A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall, 04 Summer Days, 05 audience encore, 06 Like A Rolling Stone, 07 All Along The Watchtower
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Year 2004
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