LosslessBob LB-2522
11/8/01Air Canada Centre, Toronto2B-77min+73min

Sony ECM-MS907 Microphone -> Sony MZ-N707 Mindisc recorder -> Analog Line In ->, Cool Edit Pro 2.0 -> WAV -> FLAC, I taped this concert November 8th, 2001, from the upper deck of the Air Canada Centre. It's, my first and only effort to tape a show. I guess it was more or less a curiosity to see how, it would turn out. That said, I was far from the excellent standard I so often see on these, torrent sites, so please forgive me in advance. I never thought I'd share this show with anyone, but I'm glad I've gotten the chance now that I see it isn't documented anywhere else., The show sounds distant and I'm hoping someone here can "remaster" it or do whatever to improve, the sound quality. I don't seem to have that talent either, but I hope someone will download, this show and put up a better version. The vocals are quite good, and with a bit of tinkering, I think this could be a show worth keeping and playing over and over. I'd rate the overall sound, at a B-. And I'm quite a stickler for sound quality., Also, All Along The Watchtower cuts out less than a minute before it ends. I guess that's about, it. Enjoy!, - Mike

bittorrent download 03/05; good to very good sound [B-]; does sound distant; previous version sounds much better; did not listen to all of this one
decoding these flacs gave "warning md5 signature mismatch"; must decode through errors to get wav files

1 Humming Bird (acoustic) (Larry on electric), 2 The Times They Are A-Changin' (acoustic) (Bob on harp), 3 Desolation Row (acoustic), 4 This World Can't Stand Long (acoustic) (Larry on mandolin), 5 Cry A While, 6 Just Like A Woman (Larry on pedal steel and Bob on harp), 7 High Water (Larry on banjo), 8 Maggie's Farm, 9 A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall (acoustic) (Larry on bouzouki), 10 J ohn Brown (acoustic) (Larry on bouzouki), 11 Tangled Up In Blue (acoustic) (Bob on harp)),


1 Summer Days (Tony on standup bass), 2 Sugar Baby (Tony on standup bass), 3 The Wicked Messenger (Bob on harp), 4 Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 (Larry on steel guitar), 5 Things Have Changed, 6 Highway 61 Revisited (Paul James on electric guitar), 7 Like A Rolling Stone (Paul James on electric guitar), 8 Forever Young (acoustic), 9 Honest With Me, 10 Blowin' In The Wind (acoustic), 11 All Along The Watchtower

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