LosslessBob LB-2356


levels start low and come up after a couple minutes; has a background scratchiness and harshness; on d1t2 the drumming seems off like stuttering; recording has a general shakiness to it; not much above 15k; gets better for d1t6 as hard to listen to before that going from C to B+/A-; background talking d2t3; gets slightly harsh d2t3 and loud parts thereafter; limited with clipping to -7db for first 4 songs then -5db afterward; nothing above 16k; deos not have lego parapets
analog drop d1t1 2:23;,d1t5 0:20; digital drop d2t7 3:05; between cdrs

1 Hard Times (acoustic w band) 2 Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again 3 All Along The Watchtower 4 Just Like A Woman 5 Tangled Up In Blue 6 Shelter From The Storm 7 Watching The River Flow 8 Little Moses (acoustic w band) 9 Tomorrow Night (acoustic w band)


1 It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (acoustic w band) 2 Desolation Row (acoustic w band) 3 Cat's In The Well 4 I And I 5 My Back Pages 6 Maggie's Farm 7 Rainy Day Women # 12 & 35 8 It Ain't Me, Babe (acoustic w band)

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Year 1993
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