LosslessBob LB-2343
2/5/93The Point Depot, Dublin, Ireland2B-65min+58min

another in the Righteous To Me Series, review by gopherstick, discs via blair., NOTES:, Some track transitions are not entirely seamless, D1 T2: [1:15, 1:26] dropouts; crowd noise clipped at end, D1 T7 & T8: She Belongs To Me split into two tracks for some reason, D2 T14: [4:16] cable bump/wire jiggle/whatever, D2 T18: [6:04-6:12] ending clipped, SOUND: Vocals barely discernable for first track but begin to round into listenable shape a minute or so into Lenny Bruce. Bob's guitar is so up front during Lenny Bruce if I wasn't such a professional I might be frightened. This recording ends up sounding pretty well, the crowd is far away and when Bob yells the high end buzzes a little, but not too bad., COMMENTS: Songs like Tangled and Mobile are pretty good here, Bob is singing a little more quietly than he will in the coming months on these, nice. Whoops, guess the Old Harper just kicked in, She Belongs To Me is vintage '93 caterwauling. Strangely that same caterwauling works to some degree on Tomorrow Night. Bob's solo comes through bright and magnified, an ugly little gem. Great acoustic set, these are fun. Dig Tony's small bass solo in Jim Jones. After the song Bob muses that it's a tough tune to play, so maybe that's why it sounds cool...Bob had to focus. Sadly that proves so taxing he vocally blunders his way through the rest of the show. Kidding. I and I is fascinating in a train wreck kind of way; you can't help but stare at your speakers and listen to the entire thing. And on it goes, during Highway 61: "Yes I think it can be easily done...I'm not sure though!" Another tumbler of Maker's Mark for the big guy, I'm buying., ., BOTTOM LINE: Overall, I'd say this is a minor step up from the audience recording; take a listen to the three filler tracks from the bootleg "Apollo Landing" for an idea of the sound quality of that. It's pretty good; when the sound on this balances and warms up it's okay, too. In the end it comes down to which you prefer, but don't lose sleep over having one and not the other, the performance isn't that great.

bittorrent download 1/05; d1t1 too loud and harsh; good to very good sound [B-]
drop d1t2 1:15 , 1:27; end of d2t8 cut; drops between some tracks
Disc 1 [64:08], 1. Maggie's Farm [6:04], 2. Lenny Bruce [4:25], 3. All Along the Watchtower [5:25], 4. Tangled Up In Blue [7:40], 5. Positively 4th Street [6:44], 6. Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again [8:24], 7. She Belongs To Me [4:31] Part I, 8. She Belongs To Me [4:13] Part II, 8. Tomorrow Night [5:27], 9. Jim Jones [6:50], 10. Mr. Tambourine Man [4:20], Disc 2 [57:31], 1. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right [5:28], 2. Cat's In The Well [4:28], 3. I and I [8:10], 4. The Times They Are A-Changin' [7:46], 5. Highway 61 Revisited [7:02], 6. Ballad Of A Thin Man [10:40], 7. Everything Is Broken [7:41], 8. It Ain't Me, Babe [6:12] (CUT)
Year 1993
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