LosslessBob LB-1518

recorded by hv

excellent sound; similar sound quality to Schubert and version "a", but this one has more warmth and less harshness than Schubert and sound seems better than version "a", so hv may be the best
drop/cut between cdrs

1 Maggie's Farm (Bob on piano), 2 Senor (Tales Of Yankee Power) (acoustic) (Bob on piano and harp), 3 Cry A While (Bob on piano), 4 If You See Her, Say Hello (Bob on piano), 5 It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) (acoustic) (Bob on piano, Larry on cittern), 6 Moonlight (Bob on electric guitar), 7 Cold Irons Bound (Bob on electric guitar), 8 Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I'll Go Mine) (Bob on electric guitar), 9 Boots Of Spanish Leather (Bob on piano),


1 Dignity (Bob on piano), 2 Man In The Long Black Coat (Bob on piano), 3 Honest With Me (Bob on piano, Larry on slide guitar), 4 Love Minus Zero/No Limit (acoustic) (Bob on piano, Larry on slide guitar), 5 Summer Days (Bob on piano, Tony on standup bass), 6 (encore), Cat's In The Well (Bob on piano), 7 Like A Rolling Stone (Bob on piano and harp), 8 All Along The Watchtower (Bob on piano and harp)

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Year 2003
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