LosslessBob LB-1384
11/23/03London, England, Shepherds Bush Empire2A58min+58min

version "a"

originally mis-reported to be the Doberman recording; excellent sound; upgrade over previous version; some background talking d1t10, d2t1 (it turns out this is a different recording than the Doberman release - this one has better sound but has a little more talking as noted); this has very nice bass

(a bittorrent from 06/17 has matching flac fingerprints; described as "Reportedly a Doberman upgrade version (see included txt file):, NOTE: after listening to the Crystal Cat 723-24 Shepherds release with fillers, I decided against it and upped this Doberman release instead. My copy of Shepherds CC is distorted and the fillers are even worse... IMHO, it does not deserve a place on DIME!, Some of you may disagree, but then you most likely have a better CC release than mine., CD-R > FLAC frontend (aligned on sector boundaries) > You, Taper: no info" with filenames like "1Track00.flac"; xref-01893)

drop/cut between cdrs, d2t5 9:55 not in music

1 intro 2 Cold Irons Bound (Bob on piano), 3 Quinn The Eskimo (Bob on piano and harp), 4 Down Along The Cove (Bob on piano), 5 It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry, (Bob on piano and harp, Larry on slide guitar), 6 Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues (Bob on piano), 7 Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I'll Go Mine) (Bob on piano and harp), 8 Million Miles (Bob on piano), 9 Tough Mama (Bob on piano), 10 Under The Red Sky (Bob on piano and harp, Larry on pedal steel),


1 Positively 4th Street (Bob on piano), 2 1 Dear Landlord (Bob on piano), 3 Tombstone Blues (Bob on piano), 4 Jokerman (Bob on piano), 5 Silvio (Bob on piano), 6 (encore), Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum (Bob on piano), 7 Like A Rolling Stone (Bob on piano), 8 All Along The Watchtower (Bob on piano)

lbdir-bd03-11-23a ShepherdsBush.alt.shnf.txt
Year 2003
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