LosslessBob Most recent hundred LB numbers
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LB-130637/5/92Correggio (RE) -2B+zuma66, zuma66 master, lineage: Sony TCS 430 whit
LB-1306211/17/17Albany, New York  ipg, An Imperfect Gravy Recording (IPG-326),
LB-1306112/8/97New York, NY A-bk4021 dolphinsmile 48k, B&K
LB-130607/7/86Washington, DC A-gd akg, Grateful Dead -, Recording Info:, AKG C42
LB-130597/7/86Washington, DC3A-akg, Recording Info:, AKG C42 (m/s) > Cassette
LB-1305811/14/17Washington, D.C.  dpa 4023 24bit, Source: DPA 4023 > Sound Devices
LB-1304411/12/17UPPER DARBY  spot, Yes Spot is out there again., This time
LB-1304311/12/17Upper Darby  beer, Lineage: ZOOM H4n Pro (built-in, external XY
LB-1304211/11/17Upper Darby  beer, Lineage: ZOOM H4n Pro (built-in, external XY
LB-130412/24/99Amherst, MA2A-dolphinsmile, This one, and the night before, are
LB-130401/16/98New York, NY A-pc dolphinsmile 48k, Taped by PC with Dat recorder
LB-130397/20/86Philadelphia, PA3B+nak100 kingrue, New Source # 3, Source: Nakamichi
LB-1303811/8/17Uniondale, New York  jf, Recorded by 'JF', 44/16, Sennheiser MKE 2002
LB-1303711/15/99Ithaca, NY2Am dolphinsmile, Taped by M, Schoeps mks4 active
LB-1303611/17/96Bloomington, IN Asonics dolphinsmile 48k, taped with Sonics, Clone
LB-1303511/4/89Indiana Bradio shack dolphinsmile 48k, Recorded with
LB-130349/24/78Binghamton, NY2B2gen, From cassettes (received in trade, 1993 --
LB-1303311/9/02Elmira, NY2Ad m dolphinsmile, Taped by D and M, Did this one I
LB-1302311/5/17Columbus, Oh.  csheb, Source: Core Sound HEBs (dpa 4061s) > C.S.
LB-130222/11/74Oakland, CA2A-evening cass master dolpninsmile, Late show, SDB,
LB-130217/7/86Washington, DC A-gd akg24 24bit, Recording Info:, AKG C42 (m/s) >
LB-130207/7/86Washington, DC A-akg24 24bit, Recording Info:, AKG C42 (m/s) >
LB-1301911/2/98Syracuse, NY2Ax schoeps, Schoeps mks4 active cables - schoeps
LB-130182/14/74Inglewood2A-BOOTLEG: soundboard collection; eve inc, (Evening)
LB-130172/14/74Inglewood2A-BOOTLEG: soundboard collection; aft inc,
LB-130162/11/74Oakland, USA2A-BOOTLEG: soundboard collection; eve, (Evening),
LB-130151/31/74Madison Square2A-BOOTLEG: soundboard collection; eve, Evening),
LB-130141/14/74Boston, USA2A-BOOTLEG: soundboard collection; aft , (Afternoon),
LB-130137/24/87Oakland, CA A-sbd dolphinsmile 48k, One of my Cassettes, low
LB-130105/1/94Columbia, MO Ax sonic studio dolphinsmile 48k, taped by X with
LB-130099/24/00Portsmouth, England2B+BOOTLEG: you might be called bono; incompete, TWO
LB-1300810/28/17Grand Rapids  tascam dr 05, This concert was recorded by me with
LB-1300010/29/17Bloomington, Indiana  ironchef, Source: Sound Professionals CMC-08s
LB-1299911/2/97Columbia2Ax kmi84s dolphinsmile, Taped by X with Neumanns
LB-129984/19/99Murcia, Spain2A-version "d", No lineage. No info. Taper
LB-129976/13/99George, Washington2B+version "g", NOTE: Paul Simon was the opening act,
LB-129968/29/94Detroit, Michigan A-crownradioshack dolphinsmile 48, taped with
LB-129947/3/90Hamburg, Germany A-hce cb dolphinsmile 48k, Taped by HCE CB who put
LB-129937/4/87Foxboro, MA4A-fob akg mcsheffrey gastwirt miller noel, Sets I &
LB-1298910/23/17Omaha  readermo, Taper: readermo (many thanks),
LB-129887/1/92Reims, France Ahce bp dolphinsmile 48k, Senn2002 and Dat
LB-129836/13/99George, WA A-neumanns km140 48k, I received this back in 1999,
LB-129826/18/86Phoenix, AZ Bhce cb dolphinsmile 48k, taped by a friend of mine
LB-129797/10/87Philadelphia PA B+sbd dolphinsmile 48k, When the Dylan Dead Sdbs
LB-129786/7/99Denver, CO A-mrx dolphinsmile 48k, Taped by a local, encouraged
LB-129776/11/99Vancouver2B-version "d", From the 4 LBs here:, http://jokerman
LB-129764/11/95Dublin, Ireland Ahce cb dolphinsmile 48k, Taped by HCE CB with
LB-1297411/17/90Cleveland, OH B+cb dolphinsmile 48k, Senn 2002 and SonyD6, CB
LB-129738/12/90Edmonton, AB Bhce pl dolphinsmile 48k, taped with Senn2002 and
LB-1297210/16/88NEW YORK CITY2B+jc pitched, Previously Uncirculated Mono audience
LB-129717/7/86Washington D.C. (RFK B+sbd incomplete new transfer, From a DAT (received
LB-1297010/7/78Providence2B+caspers pitched, Heres a nice surprise, The
LB-129695/2/99Mnchen2Aversion "d", No-LB-ref unknown taper, Rather
LB-129686/11/91Belgrade, Yugoslavia A-cb dolphinsmile 48k, taped by HCE CB, the great
LB-129599/3/88Manchester, NH A-jvs version "d" 2448, 24/48, taper: JVS, lineage:
LB-129584/1/92Melbourne, VIC A-ntb version "e" 48k, 16/48, taper: NET Taper B,
LB-1295710/17/88NYC (Radio City B+version "b", From cassette (received in trade,
LB-129568/10/03Holmdel, New Jersey2A-petty at853 soomlos, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
LB-129552/13/97Kurashiki, Japan A-hce m dolphinsmile 48k, taped by HCE M with DTR
LB-129544/15/99Valencia, Spain2B+version "f"
LB-129405/23/98Anaheim, CA A-pdub dolphinsmile 48k, PDub version, Taped by PDub
LB-129394/13/94Peoria, Illinois Ahce ms dolphinsmile 48k, Taped by HCE MS with
LB-129384/14/99Madrid, Spain2A-version "d", Unidentified
LB-1293210/3/97Cardiff, Wales A-okm ii dolphinsmile 48k, I got this set of shows
LB-129318/24/97Vienna, Virginia A-ald dolphinsmile 48k, Hard of hearing
LB-129307/25/96Mlleplatsen, Malm Atarantula 48k, 16/48, taper: Tarantula, lineage:
LB-129295/12/95Las Vegas, NV Ahce b 48k, taped by No 1 Post 1995 Dylanologist
LB-1292810/9/94Boston, MA Ahce gg dolphinsmile 48k, an excellent recording by
LB-1292710/19/88New York, NY Asoundboard lta 24bit, soundboard, 24/48, lineage:,
LB-1292610/16/88NEW YORK CITY B+jc, Previously Uncirculated Mono audience
LB-129257/11/00Cincinnati, Ohio2A-jobe, LUCIFER BURN Presents A New Series On DIME.,
LB-1292411/22/75WALTHAM2B+jc speed corrected, & THE ROLLING THUNDER REVIEW,
LB-1292311/22/75WALTHAM2B+jc, & THE ROLLING THUNDER REVIEW, JC stereo aud
LB-129222/17/99Cleveland, OH B+version "e"; 48k, From a DAT (received in trade,
LB-1292111/7/97Columbus, Ohio B+version "b"; 48k, 16/48, lineage:, taper: unknown,
LB-1292010/12/78Toronto, Ontario B+cm dolphinsmile 48k, Back in the day, some
LB-129136/26/86Minneapolis, MN2Asbd cm miller, Recording Info:, SBD > Cassette
LB-129105/27/95Monterey, CA Astereo soundboard ntd lta 48k, Stereo soundboard,
LB-129092/11/97Tokyo Aarashi lta 48k, taper: arashi, lineage:, Sanken
LB-128972/10/97Tokyo Ants lta 48k, 16/48, taper: NET Taper S, lineage:,
LB-128932/9/97Tokyo Altk lta 48k, 16/48, taper:Lgendary Taper K,
LB-128922/5/99Memphis, Tennessee2B+version "d", Taper: unidentified, Rating: A-,
LB-128916/26/86Minneapolis, MN Asbd cm mille 24, Recording Info:, SBD > Cassette
LB-1289011/13/92Fort Lauderdale Aam dolphinsmile 48k, my analog masters> put on
LB-128886/2/90ONTARIO, CANADA2B+jc, Previously uncirculated 101 mins, Thanks to JC
LB-128878/23/94Louisville, KY Ahce b dolphinsmile 48k, taped by HCE B aka MR W.
LB-128868/23/97Vienna, VA2A-ald lta 2, ALD, lineage: ALD (Assistive Listening
LB-128858/13/97Hershey Asonics dolphinsmile 48k, and Ani DeFranco, taped
LB-128846/1/90OTTAWA1B-jc, Previously uncirculated 79 mins, Thanks to JC
LB-128834/21/91Greenville C+cm dolphinsmile 48k, Cass Master>Dat>Tascam Deck
LB-128829/3/14Sydney, Australia  audiowhore, (show 1 of 5 in Sydney), recording
LB-1288110/22/89KINGSTON Bjc, Previously uncirculated 90 mins, I never knew
LB-1288010/13/89NEW YORK CITY, NY1B+jc partial, Previously uncirculated 26 mins, I
LB-1287910/11/89NEW YORK CITY, NY2B+jc, Previously uncirculated 90 mins, I never knew
LB-128706/5/99Denver, CO Adolphinsmiler 48, Great sounding show. If my
LB-1286911/17/99Durham, NH A-hce th dolphinsmile 48k, Taped by HCE-TH with AT
LB-128685/13/98Vancouver, BC A-hce p dolphinsmile 48k, taped by a friend of HCE P
LB-128678/22/97Virginia Beach, VA A-nth 48k, 16/48, ***Second New digital S/PDIF
LB-128668/17/97Wantagh, NY Antm 48k, 16/48, NET Taper M, lineage:, Sennheiser
LB-1286510/13/90West Point, NY B+ltf 2448, taper: LTF, lineage:, Sennheiser


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