LosslessBob Most recent hundred LB numbers
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LB-1251511/4/89Indiana, PA2Blta, cassette master > cassette (DR) > Maxell XL
LB-125147/30/89Ottawa, ON2Bgen, 1st gen cassette>nak with azimuth
LB-125138/22/89Bonner Springs, KS1Bltc lta,, cassette gen unknown > Maxell XLII 1000
LB-125124/5/00Salina, Kansas2A-at933s, AT-933s w/ AT-853 cardioid capsules > D-8,
LB-125118/21/14Melbourne2B+this was now, downloaded from link at::
LB-125108/20/14Melbourne2Bthis was now, downloaded from link at:,
LB-125095/23/95San Francisco, CA2A-dat c, From an old DAT (received in trade
LB-125087/10/99Maryland Heights A-see Dylan-Bob 07/07/00 at933 LB-12507 where this
LB-125077/7/00Bonner Springs2A-at933, AT-933s w/ AT-953 cardioid capsules > D-8 >
LB-125069/4/04Kansas City, KS2Aat933s, AT-933s w/ 853 cardoid capsules > Battery
LB-125055/19/98San Jose1A-BOOTLEG: absolutely sweet california,; From
LB-125044/18/06Kansas City2A-at933s, AT-933s w/ 853 cardoid capsules > Battery
LB-125037/15/00East Troy, Wisconsin2Asonic flacf, I got this show from an old head
LB-125029/10/88Stanhope, NJ1B+fixed lta, source: tangledupintorrents 2014-05-26
LB-125018/11/01Sedalia, Missouri2A-at 933, AT-933 w/ AT-853 cardoid capsules >
LB-1250010/2/93os Angeles, CA A-48k; schoeps hecc dolphinsmile, taped by (code
LB-124996/9/90East Troy, WI Bshure mrp dolphinsmile, first time transfer, upped
LB-124988/8/97Darien Center, NY2A-version "d", brand new transfer from dat, taped on
LB-124978/14/94Saugerties NY1B+orr, ** 16 BIT **, Source: Sonic Studios DSM-6P
LB-124966/25/95Washington, DC2Aversion "h", Found the 3 hr TDK dat with both
LB-124956/24/95Washington, DC2Aversion "k", Taped by Mr X with Schoeps Mics on
LB-1249411/18/16Jacksonville  skm140 soomlos, Recorded by: soomlos, neumann
LB-124936/7/16Eugene, Oregon2 at8022, & Mavis Staples, Lineage: EdiroIR-09HR
LB-124926/7/98Oslo, Norway2Aoldtoad, An OldToaD remaster, BLOWIN' IN THE WOOD,
LB-1249110/12/12Vancouver, BC Aca14 ca11, ** 16 BIT **, Source #1: CA-14
LB-1249010/28/16Birmingham, Alabama Abob segment, (recording studio) (audio only),
LB-1248911/1/16Louisville, Kentucky  skm140 soomlos, Recorded by: soomlos, neumann
LB-1248810/19/13Hamburg  rc 174a_aud remaster okmiir m10 24, NOTE/CONTRAST
LB-1248711/11/03Amsterdam, NL2Acsb odm reel records, OLD DUTCH MASTERS ARCHIVES
LB-1248610/30/95Little Rock, AR2A-version "c", taped by BP with Denon portable and
LB-1248510/28/98Auburn Hills A-g2 version "e", G2 MASTER AUDIENCE RECORDING, 2016
LB-124845/11/91Danbury, CT1Bserge, *Second New transfer***, Note: something
LB-124834/19/91New Orleans, LA1B+mjs lta, taper: MJS, lineage:, Sonic Studios
LB-124827/15/04Len, Spain2Aversion "e", Derived from LB-10242 (A); a Schubert
LB-124814/27/94Lincoln, Nebraska2B+akg descreamed, AKG C451EB/ck1s (Row N Seat 15_
LB-1248010/18/13Hannover Arc 173a_aud remaster okmiir m10 24, NOTE/CONTRAST
LB-1247910/30/16Paducah, Kentucky  skm140 soomlos, Recorded by: soomlos, neumann
LB-124784/19/97Hartford, CT2A-sonic dolphinsmile, recorded on dat with sonic
LB-1247711/19/16Clearwater, Florida  at853 soomlos, Recorded by: soomlos, audio
LB-124767/9/16Bethlehem  wiko darkmoon, Taper: "Manie", Lineage: Wiko
LB-124758/31/90Lincoln, Nebraska2Bakg, AKG C451EB/ck1s(DIN/handheld Sec C13 Row 14
LB-1247411/12/16Asheville  skm140 soomlos, Recorded by: soomlos, neumann
LB-1247311/5/16Roanoke, Virginia  skm140 soomlos, Recorded by: soomlos, neumann
LB-1247211/4/16Durham  skm140 soomlos, Recorded by: soomlos, neumann
LB-1247110/29/16Huntsville, Alabama  skm140 soomlos, Recorded by: soomlos, neumann
LB-1247011/4/75Providence3B+BOOTLEG: with god on our side; http://www
LB-1246911/23/16FORT LAUDERDALE  caretaker iphone rec, 110 mins mono iphone
LB-1246811/2/16Charleston  skm140 soomlos, Recorded by: soomlos, neumann
LB-1246710/19/16El Paso  wiko darkmoon, Taper: "Manie", Location: Balcony
LB-124667/17/16Gilford  wiko darkmoon, Taper: "Manie", Lineage: Wiko
LB-124657/6/16r Vienna, Virginia  BOOTLEG: that melancholy feeling; that melancholy
LB-124646/29/93Marseille, France Be 48, RTM Pre-Board, Lineage:
LB-1246311/1/16Louisville, KY  mk41, source: Schoeps mk41 (FOB) > kcy > VMS 02ib
LB-1246210/23/16TULSA, OKLAHOMA  durango, 95 mins, Unknown equipment recorded by
LB-1246110/21/16THACKERVILLE  durango, 95 mins, Unknown equipment recorded by
LB-1246010/14/16Indio, CA.  BOOTLEG: weekend 2; Desert Trip 2016 Weekend 2 /
LB-124597/16/16Portand, Maine  BOOTLEG: fallen angels in summer; (AUD), Tweedle
LB-1245811/23/16Fort Lauderdale  skm140 soomlos, Recorded by: soomlos, neumann
LB-1245710/18/16Albuquerque  olympus ls 5, Taper: "Manie", Location: First row
LB-124567/10/16Atlantic City  wiko darkmoon soundrecorder, Taper: "Manie",
LB-1245511/22/16ORLANDO, FLORIDA  caretaker iphone, 106 mins mono iphone recording,
LB-1245411/20/16FORT MYERS, FL  caretaker iphone, 112 mins mono iphone recording,
LB-1245311/19/16CLEARWATER, FLORIDA  caretaker iphone, 111 mins mono iphone recording,
LB-1245211/18/16JACKSONVILLE  caretaker iphone, 107 mins mono iphone recording,
LB-124516/26/93Pisa, Italy B+version "c"; 48k, Contrast clause: This torrent is
LB-124507/12/87East Rutherford, NJ2A137298 set3 aud gems, Audience, Sony L-750ESX-HFB
LB-124497/19/87Eugene, OR2A-137294 set3 aud gems, Grateful Dead with Bob Dylan
LB-124486/17/90Winnipeg2Bpl 1gen dolphinsmile, recorded by PL,Sony D6 and
LB-1244710/22/16Thackerville  aether samsung galaxy s7, Taper: aether, Section D
LB-1244610/19/16El Paso, Texas  manie olympus ls 5, Taper: "Manie", Location:
LB-124457/10/16Atlantic City, NJ  mjb olympus ws 500m digital voice recorder, Taper:
LB-124444/4/16Tokyo  arashi cos11 2448, Recording & Lineage:, Audience
LB-12443xx/xx/75Renaldo And Clara2 renaldo and clara acidproject 030, Hi everybody,
LB-124422/14/74Inglewood (Los1 BOOTLEG: stem the tide vinyl rip; Description: rip
LB-124416/6/04Atlantic City2A-version "e"; has two info files "Audio cdr > EAC
LB-124404/19/93Huntsville, Alabama Bversion "e: 48k, RTM Pre-Board, This torrent is a
LB-124396/5/04Uncasville2Aversion "c", has multiple info files: "Audio cdr >
LB-124386/4/04Gilford2A-version "d", has multiple info files: "Audio cdr >
LB-1243711/6/16CHARLOTTE2 spot, Here is the ninth and final upload in a run
LB-1243610/17/91Sevilla, Spain1B+BOOTLEG: something else; KEITH RICHARDS & FRIENDS
LB-1243511/5/16ROANOKE, VIRGINIA2 spot, Here is the eigth in a run of shows from
LB-1243411/4/16DURHAM2 spot, Here is the eigth uploaed in a run of shows
LB-124312/25/93Belfast B+version "a"; 48k, This torrent is a Pre-Board from
LB-124302/23/93Paris, France Bversion "d" 48k, Contrast clause: This recording
LB-124292/21/93Petange, Luxembourg Aversion "d"; 48k, Contrast clause: This recording
LB-124282/20/93Wiesbaden, Germany Aversiojn "h" 48k, Contrast clause: This torrent
LB-124272/17/93Eindhoven Bversion "f" 48k, Contrast clause: This is a
LB-124262/12/93London, England2A-version "f", 49k; Contrast clause: This recording
LB-124252/11/93London, England2Cversion "j", 48k; Contrast Clause: This recording
LB-1242411/1/16LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY  spot, Here is the seventh in a run of shows from
LB-1242311/4/16Durham, NC  sony pcm m10, Sony PCM-M10 Linear PCM Recorder
LB-1242210/30/16PADUCAH, KENTUCKY  spot, Here is the sixth in a run of shows from
LB-1242110/30/16Paducah, Kentucky  kuddukan iphone, aper: kuddukan, using an iPhone
LB-1242010/29/16HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA  spot, Here is the Fifth in a run of shows from
LB-1241910/27/16JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI  spot, Here is the Fourth in a run of shows from
LB-1241810/26/16BATON ROUGE  spot, Here is the Third ina run of shows from Spot
LB-1241710/22/16Thackerville, OK  v4tx, Back To Mono, Taper: V4TX, Sony
LB-1241610/19/12Berkeley, California A-km140s eaa 24, source: Neumann KM140s>EAA


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