LosslessBob Most recent hundred LB numbers
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LB-1270110/23/94Syracuse, NY Asenn2002s dolphinsmile 48, taped on dat with sony
LB-127001/18/92Late night with1A-jtt, (EX. MPG plus AUDIO) JTT, 'Late Night with
LB-126996/10/90Davenport, IA Blta collection 2nd new transfer 24bit 48k, LTA
LB-1269810/11/94Burlington, VT Ahce g senn2002 dolphinsmile 48k, recorded by HCE
LB-126938/22/92Ottawa, ON2A-dolphinsmile, dat clone from taper>file cloned
LB-1269211/9/02Elmira, NY2Abigdaddybflo, Source: DPA 4011 mics > Sony TCD-D8,
LB-126913/16/00Santa Cruz, CA B+sonic studio dolphinsmile 48, dat master recorded
LB-126904/26/17Hannover, Germany  sony 2496, "Autumn Leaves Fallin' in April - Four
LB-126895/4/17BOURNEMOUTH, ENGLAND  spot, We're almost there! Only more after this
LB-126885/7/17GLASGOW, SCOTLAND  spot, So we reach the final effort from Spot on
LB-126777/9/99Tinley Park Illinois3A-dolphinsmile deglitched, Here is something I
LB-126762/22/98Fairfax, Virginia Ahce jv schoeps dolphinsmile 48k, taped by HCE JV
LB-1267512/16/78Hollywood FL B+dophinsmile 48k, analog
LB-126744/30/17LONDON, ENGLAND  spot, Heres the final night at the Palladium,
LB-126734/29/17LONDON, ENGLAND  spot, Heres another from Spot Time to fill in the
LB-126725/11/17DUBLIN, IRELAND  spot, The last night of the tour from the now
LB-126715/11/17Dublin, Ireland.  hfru, HFRU19, *Removed 1:10 from crowd noise as I
LB-126705/11/17Dublin, Ireland  hfru jtt, HFRU Recording, Downloaded from
LB-126695/8/17LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND  spot, Heres another from that Spt chap. Sounds up
LB-126685/4/17Bournemouth  ebr, Sonic Studios DSM-6>PA6-XP>M Audio
LB-126675/3/17Cardiff, Wales, UK  olympus, Audience recording Olympus mic > Sony
LB-126665/9/17LONDON, ENGLAND  spot, Yet another audio delight from the
LB-126655/9/17London  ebr, Sonic Studios DSM-6>PA6-XP>M Audio
LB-126645/7/17Glasgow, Scotland  sony pcm10, THIS IS A MASTER UNCIRCULATED COPY OF
LB-126635/3/17CARDIFF, WALES  spot, Well here we go again folks! Another audio
LB-126624/26/17Hannover, Germany*  sony, "Autumn Leaves Fallin' in April - Four Days
LB-126614/25/17Frankfurt, Germany  sony, "Autumn Leaves Fallin' in April - Four Days
LB-126604/12/17Lingen, Germany  olympus sony, "Autumn Leaves Fallin' in April -
LB-126594/11/17Hamburg, Germany  olympus sony, "Autumn Leaves Fallin' in April -
LB-1265810/16/16Phoenix, Arizona  wiko manie, Taper: "Manie", file: bd2016-10-16
LB-1265711/9/99Philadelphia, PA2Amk4v dolphinsmile, Schoeps MK4V's and Sony
LB-126564/4/17OSLO, NORWAY  zoomh4, NB! This is a different source than the
LB-126557/17/99Camden, NJ3A-hce bb schoeps dolpjinsmile, Taped by HCE BB,
LB-126497/24/87Oakland-Alameda4A-akg 460 omni gastwirt miller sirmick 138228,
LB-126487/26/87Anaheim, California2B+sbd aud flyingm, & the Grateful Dead, Applause
LB-1264710/16/94New Haven2Amk4 kingrue, Source: (R.B.'s) Schoeps MK4's (In
LB-126465/5/17NOTTINGHAM, ENGLAND  spot, Spot and I thank you for the fine comments
LB-126454/30/17London  sonic studios ebr, Sonic Studios DSM-6>PA6-XP>M
LB-126444/26/17Hannover, Germany  dpa4061 hhtfp, lineage: dpa4061 > Tascam DR-100
LB-126434/24/17Antwerpen, BEL  dpa4061 hhtfp, l, lineage: dpa4061 > Tascam DR-100
LB-126424/18/17Amsterdam, NL  dpa4061 hhtfp, l, lineage: dpa4061 > Tascam DR-100
LB-126414/17/17Amsterdam  dpa4061 hhtfp, lineage: dpa4061 > Tascam DR-100
LB-126404/16/17Amsterdam  dpa4061 hhtfp, lineage: dpa4061 > Tascam DR-100
LB-126397/11/15San Sebastian, Spain  yamaha pr7 moon remaster, MR - 22 & 23, Taper:
LB-126386/19/95East Rutherford, NJ Aschoeps mk41s dolphinsmile 48k, Schoeps
LB-126379/28/95Fort Lauderdale, FL A-sonic dolphinsmile 48k, My master, taped this with
LB-126364/18/93Asheville, NC Ahce p dolphinsmile 48k, taped by HCE P with two
LB-126356/25/99Chula Vista, CA2A-dolphinsmile, something i cloned to disc a few
LB-126344/25/17Frankfurt, Germany  dpa4061 hhtfp, notes: - The transition between
LB-126339/8/99Antioch, TN3A-km140 dolphinsmile, neumann km140 > sonosax >
LB-1263211/16/94Sony Music Studios1A-BOOTLEG: rehearsals for mtv unplugged; Label:
LB-126314/29/17London  sonic studios ebr, Sonic Studios DSM-6>PA6-XP>M
LB-126304/28/17London  sonic studios ebr, Sonic Studios DSM-6>PA6-XP>M
LB-126299/23/93West Palm Beach B+senn2oo2 dolphinsmile 48k, This show took place at
LB-126288/24/90Pueblo, CO B+dolphinsmile 48k, an early Dylan dat recording. im
LB-1262711/17/93The Supper Club NYC Aearlytwolf schoeps dolphinsmile 48, early, taped
LB-12626xx/xx/17Antwerp, Belgium  04 24 clapberry, Recording Details, taper
LB-1262511/16/93Supper Club Alate twolf schoeps dolphinsmile 48k, (Late Show);
LB-126244/25/17Frankfurt, Germany  sp cmc 25, Recording:, Type: Audience master,
LB-126235/8/96Columbus, Ohio Aag schoeps dolphinsmile 48, Taped by AG with
LB-126224/7/97New Brunswick2A-ia105, Improved Air Remasters 105
LB-126215/23/98Anaheim, CA A-neumann doplhinsmile 48, Taped with Neumann mics
LB-126204/19/97Hartford2Aia115, Of Hartford, Improved Air Remasters 115
LB-1261912/16/97El Rey Theater2Apdub dolphinsmile, Recorded by PDub with Sony dat
LB-126185/11/91Danbury1B+hce gg nak doplphinsmile, taped by HCE-GG with
LB-126174/6/97Halifax2A-ia104, Improved Air Remasters 104
LB-126163/31/97St. Johns2 ia101, Improved Air Remasters 101
LB-126154/22/17Luxembourg  bouba3d, TASCAM DR-07 (SD Card) + Internal Mic ->
LB-126144/21/17Paris, France  dpa4061 hhtfp, lineage: dpa4061 > Tascam DR-100
LB-126134/20/17Paris, France  dpa4061 hhtfp, lineage: dpa4061 > Tascam DR-100
LB-126127/11/99Cincinnati, Ohio Bversion "b"; 48k, From a DAT (received in trade,
LB-126114/18/17Amsterdam  clapberry, Recording Details, taper Clapberry,
LB-126104/17/17Amsterdam  clapberry, Recording Details, taper Clapberry,
LB-126094/16/17Amsterdam  clapberry, Recording Details, taper Clapberry,
LB-126084/22/17Luxembourg  dpa4061 hhtfp, lineage: dpa4061 > Tascam DR-100
LB-126074/18/17AMSTERDAM  spot, You guessed it! Spot recorded the 3
LB-126064/18/17Amsterdam  bach, Taper: "Bach", Lineage: >Neumann AK40
LB-126054/17/17AMSTERDAM  spot, You guessed it! Spot recorded the 3
LB-126044/17/17Amsterdam  bach, Taper: "Bach", Lineage: >Neumann AK40
LB-126034/16/17AMSTERDAM  spot, You guessed it! Spot recorded the 3
LB-126024/16/17Amsterdam  bach, Taper: "Bach", Lineage: >Neumann AK40
LB-126014/13/17Dusseldorf, Germany  ccm4 hhtfp, lineage: Schoeps ccm4(smp) > Tascam
LB-126004/12/17Lingen, Germany  dpa4061 hhtfp, lineage: dpa4061 > Tascam DR-100
LB-125994/11/17Hamburg, GER  dpa4061 hhtfp, lineage: dpa4061 > Tascam DR-100
LB-125984/11/17Hamburg  rc 325a aud bmc 10 c24, taped by: RCM, uploaded
LB-125974/9/17Lund, SWE  dpa4061 hhtf, lineage: dpa4061 > Tascam DR-100
LB-125964/7/17COPENHAGEN, DENMARK  spot, l, The second Copenhagen show, and its
LB-125954/6/17COPENHAGEN, DENMARK  spot, Here's another one from the inexhaustible
LB-125944/2/17STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN  spot, You may ask why this is so late in being
LB-125932/20/97Sendai, Japan Ahce m doplhinsmile 48k, taped by my friend HCE-M,
LB-125922/2/99Pensacola, Florida A-version "d" 48k, From a DAT (received in trade,
LB-1259110/30/98Kanata2A-version "c", From CDRs (received in trade, 1999).
LB-125907/3/96Konstanz, Germany Aokm dolphinsmile 48k, Taped by that team of 3
LB-1258912/18/97Los Angeles, CA2Aschoeps dolphinsmile, recorded by the same taper
LB-125886/9/64Grogan Acetates A-emmett grogan acetates dolphinsmile 48k, This is
LB-125872/22/98Fairfax, VA2Aversion "a", From a DAT (received in trade, 1998).
LB-125867/28/13Camden, NJ Dlossy beer, (alternate LOSSY uncirculated source),
LB-1258512/15/95Philadelphia Aschoeps hce jt dolphinsmile 48k, taped with dat
LB-125841/30/90Paris, France A-hce c senn2oo2 doplhinsmile 48k, Taped by a German
LB-125837/30/95Nyon, Switzerland2Bversion "d", Alternative recording to


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