LosslessBob Most recent hundred LB numbers
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LB-136978/28/18Christchurch  mtx, Two source matrix, Recording 1 (uncirculated)
LB-136968/26/18Auckland  mtx, Two source matrix, Recording 1 (uncirculated)
LB-136863/26/95Brighton, England Asenn2002 dolphinsmile 48k, recorded by "legendary"
LB-136858/18/18SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA  spot, Here's his Bobness in good voice at the
LB-136848/24/18Brisbane, Australia  positivelyfourthstreet 24bit; taper:
LB-136838/22/18Newcastle, Australia  sfy, Recorded by SFY, Source: Roland CS-10EM
LB-136828/16/90Calgary B+dolphinsmile radioshack 48k, Taped with Radio
LB-136802/16/83Lone Star Caf1Ckingrue, Rick Danko & Levon Helm (feat. Bob Dylan)
LB-136798/24/18Brisbane, Australia  positivelyfourthstreet 48k, taper:
LB-136788/20/18Wollongong  sfy, Recorded by SFY, Source: Roland CS-10EM
LB-136776/12/86Sacramento Bbw nak 300 dolphinsmile 48k, Taped on cassette by
LB-136768/14/18MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA  spot, Hello Pilgrims, Well the wait is almost over
LB-136758/19/18Sydney, Australia  philandjenny, recorded balcony, right of stage,
LB-136743/24/95Paris, France A-s senn2002 dolphinsmile 48k, Taped by S with
LB-136738/13/18Melbourne, Australia  edirol, CONTRAST CLAUSE:, This is the 16 bit copy
LB-136728/13/18Melbourne, Australia  edirol 24bit, Recorded on a edirol using internal
LB-136715/17/96Cleveland, OH Aversion "g" 48k, From a DAT (received in trade,
LB-136707/7/92Merano, Italy Asenn2002 dolphinsmile 48k, Taped by a 'legendary
LB-136628/11/18ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA  spot, Here we start again, another episode in the
LB-136614/21/18Bielefeld, Germany  BOOTLEG: bootleg whiskey; cc, lineage:
LB-1364810/17/96San Luis Obispo, CA Aversion "c" 48k, From DAT (received in trade, 1996
LB-136476/29/86Hoffman Estates B+48k; dolphinsmile, Here is a dat I found. The note
LB-136468/6/18Singapore  bach, Taper: "Bach", Lineage: >Neumann AK40
LB-136458/2/18Taipai, Taiwan  manie, Taper: "Manie", Lineage: Roland R-05 mit
LB-1364010/28/01Milwaukee, Wisconsin2Abk4021 dolphinsmile, FOB/DFC, Recording: B&K 4021s
LB-1363911/4/97Knoxville, TN2A-g sonics dolphinsmile, Taped by G with Sonics and
LB-136267/29/18Naeba  rober953 v2; (remaster version 2), This is yet
LB-136257/29/18Naeba  rober953, Lineage: Schopes MK4 + NBox Platinum >
LB-136147/29/18Yuzawa-town  sp cmc 8 24bit, , Source : SP-CMC-8 >
LB-136134/15/18Brno, Czech  ca11, roc, 16th row, ca11(cards, spacing 13''
LB-136122/7/94Yokohama, Japan A-okm dolphinsmile 48k, Taped with Sony Dat and the
LB-1361111/14/89Tampa, FL2B+version "c", From my cassette (received in trade,
LB-136109/10/89Los Angeles2B-version "c", From my cassette (received in trade,
LB-136097/23/96Christiania Adolphinsmile 48k, I think this was taped with OKM
LB-1359812/15/78Lakeland, FL Clobito 48k, Low gen cassette>Nak Cassette
LB-1359611/15/92West Palm Beach, FL A-dolphinsmile 48k, Taped by Dolphinsmile with Sony
LB-135957/15/78Camberley2BBOOTLEG: blackbushe 1978; (Thinman 018-019),
LB-1359310/18/94New York, NY Amk4 dolphinsmile 48k, Taped by MrX with, Schoeps
LB-135916/26/11Hamburg, Germany  romeo, Audience recording, Neumann km140 > Denecke
LB-135901/31/74New York City1B+BOOTLEG: tangled up in new york; (Evening Show),
LB-135896/2/78Los Angeles1BBOOTLEG: sooner or later; (Strtebeker CD 05),
LB-135887/4/86Buffalo, New York B+flying m version "g" 48k;, Source:, Flying M's DVD
LB-135872/13/99Normal, IL2Aversion "d", From an old DAT (received in trade,
LB-135866/14/86Berkeley, CA  krw co 2496, An analog master from the RP Archives
LB-135856/14/86Berkeley, CA2Bkrw co, An analog master from the RP Archives,
LB-135846/19/16Morrison, Colorado  km140s eaa 24, source: Neumann KM140s>EAA
LB-135835/30/95Eugene, OR2Bb sonics dolphinsmile, Taped by B with Sonics and
LB-135828/20/88George, WA  wayneg lta 48k, taper: wayneG, lineage:, Sony
LB-135816/3/84Munich, West Germany  version "f" 24bit, (incomplete) (Cassette Transfer
LB-135806/3/84Munich, West Germany2Bversion "e", (incomplete) (Cassette Transfer)
LB-135797/17/81Loreley  version "d" 24bit, (incomplete) (Cassette Transfer
LB-135787/17/81Loreley2B-version "c", (incomplete) (Cassette Transfer)
LB-135774/4/18Rome, Italy  hhtfp rec, lineage: dpa4061 > Tascam
LB-135766/19/16Morrison, Colorado2 km140s eaa, source: Neumann KM140s>EAA PSP/2>Sony
LB-135744/3/18Rome, Italy  hhtfp rec, ineage: dpa4061 > Tascam
LB-135733/20/95Utrecht Asenn2002 dolphinsmile, taped by a German
LB-1357210/17/90New York, NY  ltf lta 48k, taper: Legendary Taper F, lineage:,
LB-135714/21/18Bielefeld  tp, TomPaine56 Recording, 16-44 Version
LB-135704/21/18Bielefeld  tp 2496, TomPaine56 Recording, 24-96 Version
LB-135694/21/18Bielefeld  tp 2448, TomPaine56 Recording, 24-48 Version
LB-135684/12/18Neu-Ulm, Germany  hhtfp rec, lineage: dpa4061 > Tascam
LB-135674/7/18Florence, Italy  hhtfp rec, lineage: dpa4061 > Tascam
LB-135664/5/18Rome, Italy  hhtfp rec, lineage: dpa4061 > Tascam
LB-13565xx/xx/10various  BOOTLEG: lucky through live; "2010 Through Live"
LB-135644/8/18Mantova, Italy  hhtfp rec, lineage: dpa4061 > Tascam
LB-1356310/16/90New York, NY  ltf lta 48k, taper: Legendary Taper F, lineage:,
LB-1356210/15/90New York, NY  ltf lta 48k, taper: Legendary Taper F, lineage:,
LB-135614/11/18Zurich, Switzerland  hhtfp rec, lineage: dpa4061 > Tascam
LB-135604/16/18Vienna, Austria  hhtfp rec, lineage: Schoeps ccm4(smp) > Tascam
LB-135594/15/18Brno, Czech Republic  hhtfp rec, lineage: Schoeps ccm4(smp) > Tascam
LB-135584/13/18Salzburg, Austria  hhtfp rec, lineage: Schoeps ccm4(smp) > Tascam
LB-135576/27/17Kingston  jgb, jgb sent me this recording and wrote:, "I
LB-135569/5/99Charlotte, NC A-mj dolphinsmile 48k, Taped on dat D8 and Sonics by
LB-135557/19/96Molde, Norway B+dolphinsmile 48k, Dat master>clone to me> File
LB-1355410/11/90Brookville, NY  lta 48k, taper: unknown, lineage:, unknown >,
LB-135538/28/90Merrillville  ltf lta 48k, taper: Legendary Taper F, lineage:,
LB-135524/27/18Verona, Italy  hhtfp rec, lineage: Schoeps ccm4(smp) > Tascam
LB-135514/23/18Baden-Baden, GER  hhtfp rec, lineage: Schoeps ccm4(smp) > Tascam
LB-135504/22/18Nuremberg, Germany  hhtfp rec, lineage: Schoeps ccm4(smp) > Tascam
LB-135494/21/18Bielefeld, Germany  hhtfp rec, lineage: Schoeps ccm4(smp) > Tascam
LB-135484/19/18Krefeld, Germany  hhtfp rec, lineage: Schoeps ccm4(smp) > Tascam
LB-135474/18/18Leipzig, Germany  hhtfp rec, lineage: Schoeps ccm4(smp) > Tascam
LB-135467/30/09Alpharetta, GA2Bcsc, Core Sound cardioids> Battery Box > Sony
LB-1354510/26/99Chicago, IL2Aearly late bk4021 dolphinsmile, Brel & Kjr 4021
LB-1354410/31/94Washington, DC2Asonics b dolphinsmile, Taped by B with Sonics and
LB-135434/23/93New Orleans, LA2Apdub dolphinsmile, Clone directly off PDub master,
LB-135427/7/86Washington, DC  soundboard lta 48k, In-House FM, In-House FM,
LB-135414/3/18Rome, Italy  gandharva, The sound in Roma wasn't really good,
LB-135406/9/16Berkeley, California  km140s eaa 24bit, source: Neumann KM140s>EAA
LB-135396/9/16Berkeley, California  km140s eaa 48k, source: Neumann KM140s>EAA
LB-135385/11/03Solomons, MD2A-csheb dolphinsmile, Coresound HEB4060>Sony
LB-135312/9/93London, England2Acb dolphinsmile, Taped by CB with Senn2002 and
LB-135285/26/05Fort Lauderdale, FL2A-akg391 dolphinsmile, My master> I taped with
LB-135187/15/78Blackbushe Aerodrome2B-eric clapton krw_co, From the collection of
LB-135177/15/78Blackbushe Aerodrome  eric clapton krw_co 24, From the collection of
LB-135164/12/18ratiopharm arena  mk6, Source: Schoeps MK6 (cardioid) > NBob actives
LB-1351512/7/95Danbury, CT2Ag dolphinsmile, Taped by G (not the Canadian G)
LB-135148/21/93Seattle, WA2A-omni dolphinsmile, Recorded on Dat using Omni
LB-134998/22/93Vancouver2Bversion "a", Got this from the original taper know


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